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FILMS and TV drama’s ought to come with a warning – watching this is going to make you spend.
That’s the way I’m feeling right now about the DVD release of The Great Gatsby, that tantalising film laced with so much style and sophistication that it makes my teeth itch trying not to shop just looking at the cover.
Because for those who have a rather vivid imagination like myself – and regularly enjoy fantasising about living in another era – seeing The Great Gatsby will do nothing but invoke some serious wardrobe envy.
After watching the film following the DVD release this month, it was Mad Men effect all over again, a downward spiral for people like me, who have a perilous disposition towards being easily influenced.
The characters are flawless – all perfectly powdered skin and hats so wonderfully inconspicuous that they make you want to weep. Almost instantly I made it my mission to emulate the magnificent grace of those flawless on-screen characters.
So after a spot of highly-influenced shopping for this season’s 20s-inspired looks, I flounced out to meet a friend for dinner – all high-neck Edwardian shirt and leather gloves. However much to my disappointment, I was met with snorts of laughter rather than admiration for my new look.
“What’s with the retro get-up?” my friend smirked, eyeing up my faux pearl necklace. “You look like you’ve just stepped out an oil painting!”
I was left perpetually grief-stricken for a few moments, gazing dramatically into my gin, a bit like the way Daisy does after being scolded by her husband. I had been so caught up in the hype of the sublime style of these stylish stars, that I’d forgot that I was living in 2013 – with smartphones and Rihanna – rather than the glorious 20s, with cigarette holders and jazz.
Suddenly my transformation felt rather senseless. My affair with period-drama fashion did not garner quite the response that I’d hoped for. Nonetheless, it did make me realise just how influential films and TV shows could be when it comes to our wardrobes.
Upon reflection of my previous fashion choices, I realised that there are myriad on-screen starlets who have largely influenced the type of outfits I have worn, and might even wear today.
Over the last few years, I’ve developed a penchant for penny loafers and swing coats, (Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl) pencil skirts and Jackie Kennedy sunglasses (Mad Men) and neon cocktail dresses with shoe boots (Carrie Bradshaw, SATC). I’ve also lusted after disco pants, (Grease) been obsessed with black dresses (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and collected more biker jackets that I can count (Grease once again).
I often become so engrossed in the fabulosity of such characters that my splurging side seems to go a bit wild, compelling me to purchase an eclectic range of items that somewhat make me resemble an imposter. With TV characters and film actors being as glamorous as they are today, it can be easy to get sucked into the whole fantasy and start to believe that you might – just might – get away with emulating their sense of style. However once common sense finally prevails, that’s when you realise that it’s time to put down the cigarette holder and start being a bit less dramatic.
So on that note, I’ve picked out a range of 20s-inspired pieces that will give you lashings of glamour for party season. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of inspiration so long as you manage to keep your head out of the clouds.
All you need now is an Amaretto and some feathers and you’re good to go.


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