Are you oversharing on social media?

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WITHIN minutes of reading a slew of inane statuses on my Facebook news feed, I’d snorted, gasped and mooched off into a cyberspace strop.
I understand why people want to connect with their friends — but seriously — do we really have to digitally ingest public breakups, bowel movements and a constant churning of erratic emotions?
Today I’ve become increasingly alarmed at opinions and photographs being uploaded online — some so horrifying they scar my retinas.
When I first joined Facebook back in 2007, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t this much detail about our private lives.
Fast forward to 2014, it has become a world dominated by dramatic cyber-happenings. Social media has somehow become a journal for many to disclose the bizarre events in a person’s life as they happen.
Nowadays there is no need to get back at that ex or friend who betrayed you. It is easier now just to post some rather non-inconspicious e-card jibe up on Facebook. Whatever happened to moving on with quiet dignity?
It seems it is all too tempting to reap revenge with an audience applauding your moves, simply through the click of a ‘like’ button.
We’ve all fallen prey to the hands of social media paranoia at some point in our lives.
It’s difficult not to ask, ‘was your status about me?’ when faced with a post which appears to outline something we have said or done.
It is a taunting method often used by social media magpies who know it’s the surefire way to get their message out.
There are many reasons that this is bothering me. It begs the question, have we become a bunch of oversharers? Whatever happened to keeping secrets and feuds private?
Having chatted with my dear aunt Mabel — who is in her mid-70s — about the technical revolution, she was completely baffled that anyone would openly post their private details online.
It is worrying enough that phone numbers and workplaces can be accessed by viewing your profile, but tidbits of information such as the bar you’re “checking in” at is potentially open for stalkers.
Oversharing is not just inappropriate or infuriating at times, it can also be dangerous.
We all know it’s fun to let your friends know where you are, but it pays to realise there may be a larger audience watching than you think.
Perhaps the key to making sure you don’t step beyond that ‘over-sharing’ mark is to consider whether you’d be happy to also share it with your bosses and parents.
There are just some things best to ourselves. But that friend who decided to share his morning toilet moment? He got over 100 likes.

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