Fashion fling… have you had yours yet?

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ANOTHER year, another new set of fashion trends on the horizon.
Many of you will be longing to try out a new look for 2014, so the January sales seem like the perfect opportunity for some serious shopping.
However, there is one thing I have discovered about myself when it comes to shopping: I am a complete clothing commitment-phobe.
You see, behind my shopper’s smile lies a rather uncomfortable problem, one that seems to make me buy clothes at an alarming rate yet fail to see them through to the end.
The extent of this hit me just this month, after realising that around 90 per cent of the items I’d purchased in the sales, I rather sheepishly returned.
After one particular eight-hour, foot-throbbing, adrenaline-pumping jaunt around the high street with a friend, we both arrived home with an armful of jam-packed paper-bags — all containing items which I immediately returned the following day.
While my friend paraded her new sales-savvy wardrobe with more enthusiasm than an A-lister gushing about their latest biography, once I had tore mine from the shopping bags, I never wanted to see them again.
The exhilarating feeling I’d felt on the journey home was completely zapped once in the dim light of my bedroom. It made me realise that sometimes the things in life you want, are not always as great as expected.
Upon reflection, I knew that this definitely wasn’t the first time I’d left a spree skipping, only to feel completely deflated back home.
Despite the sales spike over the festive period, January is hangover time as items are discarded or returned immediately to the store.
On rarer occasions I can be left satisfied or even joyous over a good bargain, but for the most part I’m often left feeling bored.
You see, this is the thing about sales. They appear exciting, splendid, an affair which seems possible to refuse at the time.
The item will often disarm you with an impossible-to-refuse price tag, and before you know it you’ve committed without having even let it dazzle you yet.
However, although short-lived, we’re all bound to have the occasional clothing fling so we may as well enjoy it while it lasts.
After all, once the initial feeling of lust is over you can always move onto the next. It’s always when you least expect it that you can find some of your greatest loves.

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