Nineties fashion is back!

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LYCRA pedal pushers, hair scrunchies and dungarees are just some of the things that often haunt me from the nineties.


However, my main memories of growing up in that era include the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Sonic The Hedgehog game-athons, Mr Motivator and the exhilarating discovery of the World Wide Web.
All of this brings a slight twinge of nostalgia, and yet I’m still largely considering burning the incriminating evidence of some of my 90s fashion faux pas.
But despite some trends best being torched alongside the Sporty Spice ‘popper’ bottoms, there are others that have been floating around the fashion world for quite some time now.
Judging by the prevailing trends on the 2014 runways, 90s sportswear, overalls and lashings of denim were just some of the surprising items which came out on top.
Inspiration from 90s film Clueless was evident throughout this year’s Moschino collection, with models swaggering down the catwalk in tweed twin-sets, crop tops and checks abound.

Shift dress £150, Linea White shirt £59, Mary Portas Coral bag £225, Vivienne Westwood.

Shift dress £150, Linea White shirt £59, Mary Portas Coral bag £225, Vivienne Westwood.

Although the nineties is often reminiscent of grunge, punk influences and shredded denim, there was also a polished side that is now reigning supreme on the high street.
We’ve already seen plenty of plaid throughout the past few seasons, but this year it gets a makeover in colourful pastels and even matching socks.

A catwalk look inspired by 90s hit film Clueless.

A catwalk look inspired by 90s hit film Clueless.

The nineties are officially back in full swing with crop tops, metallic skirts and spaghetti-strap dresses creating commercial hits.
If you lived through the decade the first time round, you’ll be glad to see that shellsuits most definitely aren’t making a comeback.
Pick and choose from some of these stand-out garments and watch the fashion crews follow. Alicia Silverstone would be proud.

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