Robin Williams’ death: Stop the stigma surrounding depression

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SUICIDE is no joke.
And to say someone is selfish for committing the act, is like blaming a cancer patient for falling ill.
The tragic death of comedian and film star Robin Williams has caused an outpouring of disbelief from the nation.
Williams was the star of many of my favourite childhood films, and it is perhaps even more shocking because he was a man that could make even the most miserable of sods howl with laughter.

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Despression is a difficult subject, but suicide is the hardest act to fathom. It is a move so final, and so devastating for those surrounding the person involved.
However the word ‘suicide’ gives too many people the impression that they chose to die, rather than the fact they had actually become ill.
In my head, it should be clear these people died of depression, rather than suicide. And living with this dreadful illness can often be more painful than ever imagined.
I have had both one family member and a friend take their own lives because they could no longer bear to live.
Sadly, there wasn’t much warning and there were no clues about what they were about to do. This was the most worrying part of all. The pain was never etched on their face – a mask was worn at all times.
Like so many others suffering from severe depression, Robin had a seemingly perfect life, a radiance within which touched the people around him.

But this often isn’t enough for the sufferer. It is widely-known that people considering suicide believe that others will have a better life without them. This, however, is never the case.
Williams’ death has been covered all over the media, far and wide, but at least his tragic outcome makes people stop and think for a second.
It’s times like these that can help give people the coverage to speak out about controversial subjects like this, and inspire them to seek professional help.
No-one can ever truly understand what goes on in a person’s head when they are depressed, nor can they understand what it was that finally pushed them over the edge.
This illness is never a choice, it is sometimes forced upon someone so ferociously that they see no way out in the end.
There is still a horrible stigma surrounding suicide and depression. This is something that has to stop now.
Sometimes a harrowing event can pull people together and allow them to see things they were blinded by before.
We can all learn a lesson from Robin Williams’ death. It’s time to take depression more seriously.
And let us have compassion and a lack of judgement for the people who have died this heart-wrenching way.

For support and help if you are suffering from depression, visit or call 0800 83 85 87 free of charge.

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