Twenty-five things to do before you turn 25…

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A TRAGIC secret is about to emerge: I’m about to turn 25.
Dramatic? Perhaps. But for me, it’s no occasion to celebrate. It’s an age I’ve been dreading since I was a teenager.
Your early twenties are the best days of your life, people say. But 25 -30? I’m yet to hear anyone rave about those five limbo years.
With just one week away until my 25th birthday, I’m feeling a flurry of emotions; on edge, perturbed, unsettled.
Many of you may scoff at my supposed misfortune. But it terrifies me to think it has crept up quicker than it takes for Katie Price to remarry.
Before I turned 24, there was the comfort in knowing I was still beyond the quarter century years.
Turning 25 means five years until turning 30. It thrusts you into ‘real’ adulthood – responsibility, mortgages, finding your dream career.
Up until now, I’ve kept a firm distance between 24 and 25, always dismissing that it was, still, “a long time away.”


Glimpses of my former youth come back to me in waves, almost daily. Sometimes, I feel alarmed at how little my sense of humour has matured, of how I sometimes still feel 16 years old underneath.


Growing up is a funny thing. Everyone has to do it at some point, and almost everyone avoids it.
During a quiet day at the beach last week, I found myself alone with my thoughts, ruminating about how much I have achieved and measuring how little so far.
As the ocean swept and I peered down at my sunburnt calves, for a second I began to wonder just how soon I would be doing the same thing when turning 40, or 70, if I ever make it.
Reflection is a funny thing. It can bring up poignant memories or make you laugh – but it can also make you go slightly insane.
It’s precisely one week away now until the dreaded time comes and I am savouring what I have left of being 24. I have done some incredible stupid things in my time, some great things, some wild things – but I have no regrets.

vodka 2

I feel a certain angst but I’m determined to make the most of another 25 years ahead. So here’s a list of all the things I reckon you should do before you turn that age.

1. Laugh loudly. Who cares if you’re causing a raucous? Who cares if you don’t like the way your teeth look when you laugh? Laughter releases endorphins, makes you feel delirious and yes, it creates wrinkles, but it makes life worth living.

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2. Do something you’re afraid of. Whether it’s taking part in Tough Mudder, getting on the back of a motorbike, or simply asking your crush out on a date – feel the fear, and do it anyway. Life is too short to look back and regret that you didn’t do something. Time goes in fast so just. do. it. Simple.


3. Finish that book. It seems boring, but how many of you have been dying to read that book and used the excuse of having no time? I love the exhilarating feeling that comes with completing a book that I love, and the feeling of accomplishment. Find an hour a day to read. Trust me, it’s easy to do.

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4. Sing your heart out at a karaoke bar. Who cares if you’re crap. It’s so much fun and you’ll feel invigorated afterwards.

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5. Help a stranger. Sometimes it takes just one person doing a good deed to have faith in mankind again. Remember having the worst day and being instantly cheered up by a stranger who offered to help or carried out a kind gesture? It’s small things like little acts of kindness that inspire other people to be kinder. These all add up to create a better, more positive world.

good deed

6. Have a wild party. I know I have you hanging on now. Make it a night to remember with your friends by attending the wackiest, most random party and you’ll be full of hilarity for days. Now is the time to do it.

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7. Travel somewhere new. Go to that place you’ve always wanted to. Whether it’s Amsterdam, New York or London, go even if you have to go it alone. Take pictures, speak to new people, go see sights.

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8. Stop putting yourself down. You can’t blame it on teenage angst anymore. Stop picking at your flaws and start accepting who you are. You’re at your most beautiful in your twenties, so go flaunt it! Quit listening to negative people. Start by writing down a list of all your good points. It’s a waste of energy feeling bad, so quit now.

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9. Wear something extravagant. Who cares if it says casual attire – throw on your most flamboyant dress and go out and wow the crowds! Stop being shy, wear what you love and be who you are. Who cares what others think. You’d be surprised at just how many people will admire you for it.


10. Enjoy a full day of pampering. Go treat yourself to your favourite coffee, read your favourite magazine, buy your favourite dress, get a massage, relax and have a whole day to yourself. You deserve it.

11. Open a savings account. If you don’t already have one. Put at least £100 away and start saving for a rainy day.

12. Be brave. Ask for that promotion you deserve, say no when you mean it, speak your mind when it’s called for.


13. Kiss someone famous. Who cares if his band is known only by the underground music scene, find someone famous, stalk them a little bit and walk away with a secret story to tell. When you’re 80, with six grandchildren, you can always tell them about that time you kissed Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys…

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14. Appreciate your family. Yes, they can be annoying sometimes and yes, you sometimes still row with them, but learn to appreciate them. You are who you are because of them. Thank them for it.

15. Cull the bad people in your life. Life’s too short to waste time on people who don’t make an effort, who make you feel bad and who make you doubt yourself. Keep hold of the relationships which keep you calm, happy and confident. Don’t let anyone dim your shine and refuse to spend time with people who make you doubt yourself. You wasted too many teenage years hanging around with the wrong people.


 16. Try a new hobby. It’s obvious, but how long have you wanted to take up writing, sewing or a new sport? If you’ve not done it in ten years time, or at least tried, you will feel sad you never gave it the chance.

17. Give up bad habits. Quit smoking today, stop chasing after that ex who hurt you and give up all the things that you know are bad for you.


18. Dance like a crazy person. Request your favourite song. Stand in the middle of the dancefloor. And dominate it. Show them how it’s done!


19. Learn how to cook. Your mum isn’t going to cook for you forever, and McDonalds is just plain unhealthy. Look up a recipe that you fancy and go cook it! You could be another Jamie Oliver in the making.


20. Buy something designer. Purchase that expensive bag or watch you’ve been lusting after for so long. It will be so worth it. You work hard, and turning 25 is a celebration, right?

21. Let yourself love. Love is a losing game but, as they say, it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved before. Stop being afraid to love. Let yourself fall into a dreamlike state and, if your heart gets broken, at least you’ll never forget that feeling.


22. Attend a festival. Some of the best days of my life have been at music festivals. Go crazy, have an unforgettable time and rock it out to the music you love. Take pictures, dance wildly, drink your favourite shots. You’ll remember those days forever.


23. Find out what you want to do. If you’re miserable in your work, simply quit. Go find out what you have to do to nab the job of your dreams and do it. Nothing is impossible. It’s scary but you HAVE to take a chance to succeed. Remember that.

24. Watch 25 films you’ve always wanted to see. Watch one a night until the 25 day challenge is up. Ponder over which film you loved best. Discuss them at large with other film fanatics.


25. Accept yourself. You’ve had 25 years to get adjusted to yourself, so you may as well just put up with him or her now. Know your strengths and weaknesses, play up the strengths and improve on your weaknesses. Accept the things you can’t change. Stop fretting over nonsensical things. Allow yourself to freely be YOU. Love yourself.

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