The Lord Sewel scandal is bad…but the question is, how can he handle the hangover?

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How on earth did Lord Sewel do it?…may not be the most appropriate question to ask after such a shocking scandal — but it’s the one thing people are secretly wondering.

A man aged 69, mid-party, smoking a fag like Frank Gallagher from Shameless while sporting a Primark bra, seemingly blazing on cocaine.

As soon as I saw the pictures, I couldn’t help but wonder how the old boy can still keep up with such wild feats while us twenty-somethings can barely handle a couple of wines without declaring fears over slipping into an uncomfortable death the next day.

A hangover at the age of 26 is difficult enough to cope with, so it’s hard to imagine what a drugs and booze comedown for someone teetering on the age of 70 might do.

Just one night out requires endless bottles of Lucozade, a fry-up, Netflix and perhaps another ‘hair of the dog’ to keep even the youngest of revellers imperceptibly alert come Monday morning.

Frank Gallagher

Even then, all-night drinking sessions are often left up to the 18 and 19 year olds of our generation.

Yet the latest photographs of Lord Sewel appear to challenge this.

Of course, the discussion of age has never the real issue in regards to the scandal, but I can’t help but question what spurred Sewel to suddenly ditch his slippers for the night and cavort with escorts.

I’m guessing he was after a few grubby thrills, perhaps sick of the boring Saturday night TV on offer.

Nonetheless, he has certainly managed put a spin on the term ‘growing old gracefully.’

The idiocy of the full situation is incredulous, but it also highlights how times have changed indeed for the older generation.

No one expects a man of 69 to participate in such antics, yet many can’t help but smirk quietly over the fact that Sewel laughs in the face of stereotypes.

I can only imagine the shame and embarassment he must have felt, increased tenfold by ‘the fear,’ of his face being splashed all over the national papers, wearing the now famous orange bra and leather jacket.

It has been said time and time again, his behaviour has been unacceptable and disgraceful, that he has acted like an old fool; and yet some may wonder if his behaviour has also lifted the lid on some secret, after-dark, pensioners’ lifestyle.

No-one is condoning his behaviour — but perhaps it is not just naive but also ageist of us to assume that someone over 60 is too vulnerable to get up to no good.

Maybe the twilight years has become the new mid-life crisis where OAP’s decide to drink, smoke and party until dawn.

But at least, where other elderly members of society are concerned, they won’t be using the taxpayers’ money to do it.

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