Woodstock wonders to take you back in time…

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IT might be a side effect of festival fever — but boho is back in vogue.
Yet, despite the aesthetic once being defined by patched denim and crochet vests, this season’s look has a far more grown up edge.
Bohemian luxury was ever present at this year’s catwalk shows, with the trend being being inspired by the glamour of the 60s Woodstock.
Caught up in the rising frustration circling around America’s increased involvement in Vietnam, the racial unrest in many urban areas, and the pressure to conform, a growing number of the younger generation rejected the American way of life.


Bubble Hem Gypsy Shirt, £26, jeans, £20, Faux Fur Gilet ,£59, Fedora Hat, £16, all M&Co

Bubble Hem Gypsy Shirt, £26, jeans, £20, Faux Fur Gilet ,£59, Fedora Hat, £16, all M&Co

The resulting movement, termed the counterculture, embraced an alternative lifestyle characterised by long hair, brightly-coloured clothes, communal living, and freedom of expression through the arts.
After this, the term ‘hippie’ was born, and today we’re still tapping into the whole vibe as the ‘Summer of Love’ makes a comeback during the warmer months.
Inspired by the likes of Janis Joplin, who set the trend for festival fashion in her flared jumpsuit and round sunglasses at Woodstock more than 45 years ago, this look still grabs attention even decades later.
The ‘peace and love’ message is still going strong and summer’s funky and free-spirited fashion ensembles epitomise this ethos to perfection.
Think bright, billowing print maxi dresses and stunning suede fabrics for a romantic, sophisticated take on the trend.
Look to designers like Valentino or Rochas for inspiration, who encapsulated this movement with carefree, vintage-luxe garments in their ethereal evening collections.
Retail store Debenhams has also jumped aboard the boho train with faux fur, Paisley prints and denim flares being part of its latest designer ranges.
Check out some of my top picks from items on the High Street right now to help you keep the Woodstock spirit alive.

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