Best summer hair care 2018

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WHEN it comes to pricey hair care, I can be quite the curmudgeon.
Although I’ll happily spend £30 on a good quality lipstick, finding a shampoo and conditioner that’s worth the splurge can be challenging.
Having a best friend who is a stylist and hair expert, however, has pushed me to consider paying a bit more attention to my mane routine.
A natural brunette who likes to add flashes of copper or blonde balayage when the craving arises, it’s important to keep my locks in tip top condition.
Summer is also probably one of the most important times to up the ante on your hair routine as it’s more likely to be exposed to chlorine, sun rays and all the other bothersome concerns.
Check out some of my favourite hair care purchases below.


Davines The Wake-Up Circle Hair Mask, £8


We love how Davines’s new sachet masks can be picked up while shopping in Topshop.
For tresses in distress, this reinvigorating hair mask gives back energy, volume and hydration to the hair and scalp – perfect after flights, nights out or exposure to extreme weather conditions.
Enriched with detoxifying purple clay and rebalancing rhodiola extract, this leaves your mane full of life and richly conditioned. Available in store at Topshop or at


Charles Worthington Restoring Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner, £7.99 each



For glossy and swishy brunette locks to rival Cheryl Tweedy, this range especially for brunettes will give you the ultimate boost.
Enriched with cocoa, dark hair is left vibrant and luminous while shine is richly enhanced after just one wash.

After just one use of the brunette enhancing shampoo.

I tried this for just two days and people were asking me if I’d had my mocha-coloured locks freshly dyed.
This leaves hair looking soft and youthful and helps lock in colour for up to 10 weeks.
My uber-tangly hair was also left tangle-free after using the conditioner.
This gives brunette hair colours intensity and hydrates without leaving the hair looking greasy.


Living proof Restore Shampoo and Conditioner, £24 each



THIS gentle shampoo and conditioner helps restore damaged hair cuticles while leaving it silky soft.
Both are gentle products designed to work together to help dry, damaged hair appear visibly healthier and far more shiny.
Powered by patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), the Restore System it instantly restores damaged hair cuticles and moisture levels, while helping to protect hair from future damage by strengthening your hair.
These products leave hair feeling fresh and soft, although the packaging of the products could do with a bit of a makeover.
Great if you want to repair sun damaged and limp-looking locks.
This won’t strip the hair and is sulphate and paraben free.


IGK Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil, £25

CLEANSING oils are a great way to remove impurities from the skin – but they’re suitable for hair too.
Although it may sound bizarre to use oil to REMOVE grease from the hair, this product is a must for super soft and thoroughly cleansed locks.
IGK’s Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil uses a blend of coconut and sweet almond oils to offer a thorough cleanse without stripping the hair.
And you don’t even need to use conditioner afterwards.
Available at


Cocoa & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque, £34.90

IT’S the masque all the beauty influencers have been hashtagging – and it’s now available in the UK.
This hero product has taken the Beautysphere by storm because it helps to transform tresses in just 10 minutes.
Enriched with raw virgin coconut from Bali, fig essence, argan oil and shea butter, this unique formula is completely sulphate and paraben free, spinning even straw-like locks into gorgeously glossy, frizz-free gold.
It even comes with a free two-tiered tangle tamer to detangle with minimal breakage and distribute your mask through each and every strand.
Swiftly resolving dryness and damage, it deeply hydrates and conditions, minimising split ends so that your magnificent mane will feel like ‘virgin’ hair – even if it’s been around the salon block a few too many times.


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