Misspap launch mink lashes which can be worn 15 TIMES

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NO glamorous night out look is complete without the perfect pair of falsies for a surreal flutter.
We’re obsessed with the new GLAMIFY COSMETICS false eyelash range with 12 brand new styles of strip lash.
Enhance your peepers with these super curly, jet black lash sets from Misspap brand Glamify.
I tried on a pair of these dramatic sweeping lashes which made my green eyes pop when paired with a smokey eye look.
Each set of 3D mink lashes can be used up to fifteen times if cared for correctly – working out as a savvy 33p cost per wear.
They also come in these gorgeous boxes where you can store your used lashes for next time.
And there’s 25 styles now exclusively available on their very own website, ranging from £5.99 through to £7.99.

Check out Misspap’s top tips on how to apply them for best results



Trim for the perfect fit

To get your eyelashes looking insta perfect, measure them against your lash line and trim to the perfect fit

Tacky glue holds it better

Apply your glue to the strip lash and then wait for it to be tacky (usually about 30 seconds) before applying the lash to your eyelashes using tweezers

Add the finishing touch

For that perfect glam style, apply your makeup and then apply your lashes at the end as the perfect finish to your look

Keep them looking perfect

When taking your lashes off, carefully peel them off from the inner corner and store them in their case to prevent any damage

Clean and preen

To clean your eyelashes and keep them feeling new, carefully remove any glue residue using tweezers and use a clean eyeshadow applicator to brush them out and keep them looking fluffy

The brand new beauty website boasts a whole host of products from liners to highlighters, and with prices starting from just £4


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