The power of the face peel – 10 years younger in 10 minutes

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NOW I understand the obsession with face peels.
I had my first ever clinical peel carried out at Vault Hair and Beauty in Glasgow this month and I’m been raving about it ever since.
If you’re looking for skin that looks almost ten years younger without evasive treatments such as Botox or microneedling, then a chemical peel is for you.
Although my skin was looking in pretty good shape for a 28 year old, I felt it could do with a bit of a boost.
Beautician Karen McNair assured me having the treatment would help reduce acne scarring, fine lines and leave me looking glowing and fresh in less than 15 minutes. I signed up right away.
Having recently suffered a few hormonal breakouts on my chin and noticing my skin looking a bit more tired, it was precisely what I needed.

The process


face peel process


After making sure my skin was completely makeup free, Karen applies the formula to my entire face.
Within seconds it starts to tingle but not uncomfortably so. It’s strangely pleasant.
Soon it gets a bit more itchy and uncomfortable so the peel can lift off any dead skin.
During the entire process Karen talks me through to make sure I’m okay and that I’m not in any pain.
I’m also tingling with excitement to see the results as I hear your skin looks even better days and weeks after having it done.
The non-toxic clinical solution is left on for around 10 minutes, perhaps less, before a neutraliser is slathered over the skin to stop it tingling.
During this time the damaged layers of the skin are lifted off with the solution
My skin feels instantly soothed and after it’s rinsed off, I can already see results.
I’m told I can’t wear any makeup for at least 24 hours and can use some mineral powder the following day.

Day One



Directly after peel without makeup.

Directly after peel without makeup.


The key to having a successful peel is making sure you apply a high SPF30 or 50 every day before your moisturiser.
This is because skin is extra sensitive and this is when harsh sunrays can penetrate your skin.
Straight away my skin looks supremely glowing, brighter, literally ten years younger and fine lines are dramatically reduced.
I can’t stop checking my skin out in the mirror because it looks so good.
Luckily I didn’t suffer from any red patches or sensitivity after having it done.
Any redness from previous blemish scars are almost gone and my skin looks tighter with pores invisible.

Day Five




day after peel

Wearing mineral makeup.

My makeup sits much better on my face and everyone is commenting how fresh and radiant my skin looks.
I look far less tired, the slight lines around my lips are completely gone and my forehead looks like I’ve had a spot of botox.
After 24 hours you can revert back to your usual skincare and makeup routine but I prefer to stick to bareminerals powder for a few days.
My skin is smooth and even and I feel great without my makeup on.
Karen said I might suffer from some peeling on the days after my peel but I didn’t have any at all.
She suggested having another peel every six weeks for best results, something I’ll definitely be sticking to.



Skin after day five of peel.

Skin after day five of peel.


Not only does my skin look almost ten years younger, I suffer from less breakouts and my acne scars are gone.
Friends and family keep telling me how glowing my skin looks and I feel cute even without my makeup!
This is an absolutely fantastic treatment and definitely something everyone should treat themselves to now and then.
It’s hardly painful, can be done on your lunch break and your skin continues to improve on the weeks after it.
My new cleansing routine after having this done includes using Clinique Take The Day Off Balm, Estee Lauder’s purifying foaming cleanser with a Clarisonic, Rosewater toner, The Ordinary Buffet, Rosehip oil, Esse moisturiser and Nip Fab Eye Cream.
Book in Glasgow for £40 for one session or four for £120 here: or call 0141 387 2932


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