REVIEW: The Body Camp Mallorca – Can three days at a fitness retreat change your life?

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Teetering down the hallway in my slightly snug gym shorts and a fresh new pair of running shoes, I’m suddenly startled by the frenetic tune of Wham!’s ‘Wake me up before you go go,’ being blasted through reception as a cheery body camp worker gyrates.

‘MORNING!’ she cheers, with a kilowatt smile. It’s 6.30am. Welcome to the wacky world of Body Camp.



I’m about to spent three days at the Body Camp health and fitness retreat in Mallorca, opened earlier in May this year. It’s the place, I learn, where Love Island host Caroline Flack went to train for gruelling workouts during her filming for the reality show. Former Made in Chelsea star and millionaire Millie Mackintosh is also a fan.


With a rustic countryside feel, surrounded by lush panoramic views, Body Camp features a 12 en-suite room hotel, feel-good plant based breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, activities and exercise plans to those who might be looking to lose weight, get fit or bulk before a big event or holiday.



“Ibiza will always be the full mind, body, soul, lifestyle transformation,” says manager Kate, who is as honed, tanned and lively as the rest of her bootcamp co-workers. “And while there will be plenty of activities on offer in Mallorca, there will also be free time in the afternoon for those who are wishing to have a restful holiday in addition to getting mind and body fit.



“The island is beautiful for hikes, has great cycle courses and the same beautiful weather as Ibiza so it’s a very natural progression for us to expand to Mallorca too. The island is also far more all-year compared to Ibiza.”

As a recovered anorexic – someone who has spent the better part of a decade locked in a battle against my body, with a perpetual obsession with bloating after consuming a large meal and a strange fear of mirrors – the Body Camp offered me a chance for me to come up against the demons which have threatened to derail my health for far too many years.



Upon arrival, I’m asked to fill in a questionnaire about my motivations for being there and about some of the changes I want to make towards my mind and body as a whole. I join the rest of the group – an amazingly supportive mixture of men and women who are all about making positive lifestyle choices – before we are given some of the ‘house etiquette’ rules of which we must follow throughout our stay.



On top of going makeup free and rising super early, the toughest ‘rule’ of the house is changing every negative word into a positive.  Likely sentences such as “My muscles are sooo sore” after a round of 70 burpees transforms into “My muscles are sooo sexy.” At first it feels a lot like blowing your own trumpet, but soon enough I can begin to understand the reasoning behind this. It’s a whole lot easier to put yourself off a bleep test if you’re busy whingeing about your squat-murdered legs.



Every morning, guests are encouraged to complete a number of ‘laps’ around the retreat before beginning their early morning workout at 7am. By the time breakfast comes, you’re feeling wide awake, refreshed and exceptionally hungry. During breakfast – which was one of my favourite meals of the day and often consisted of tofu based meals – you’re introduced to a schedule of fitness for the day, which can be a mixture of High Intensity Interval Workouts (HIIT), hiking, fitness tests or yoga.



In terms of variety, the Body Camp has absolutely nailed making sure the retreat keeps people motivated and laughing throughout the workout. I particularly loved the hilarious fitness version of ‘Never Have I Ever’ in which our group was forced to own up to some of our most ashamed and embarrassing moments by running in circles during a fitness test.



Although working out in the scorching heat isn’t easy, the personal trainers are great at mixing it up with by-the-pool HIIT training, relaxing yoga sessions and bonding hikes through the mountains. Our energetic instructors are not only professional, friendly and great at what they do – they also don’t miss a chance to make fun of themselves. Bright blue wigs and bizarre costumes are commonplace at the body camp, ensuring you never know what’s around the corner the following day.


In the afternoons you have the option of chilling by the pool or ramping up your day with even more workouts. Many people on the fat loss programme report losing half a stone within a number of days. All meals are included and prepared with only the freshest ingredients and the supremely talented chef comes up with the most delicious vegan meals I’ve ever tasted. Her tufo Thai green curry was a favourite.


One of the best things about the Body Camp is that everyone is treated with respect and most participants are there not just to lose weight or get fit, but to improve as people and to meet an amazing new group of friends. Makeup isn’t necessary and most nights you’ll be in bed by 9pm. But even after a few days you’re guaranteed to feel slimmer, healthier, happier and more energetic. After almost a year and a half on anti-depressants, my endorphin levels were so great that I managed to go the entire time there without the need for taking any pills.



In terms of my mindset, I learned more about the power of being mindful and the way in which using certain words can dramatically either lift or reduce your mood. Every time I accidentally hit out with the words ‘sore,’ ‘stressed’ or ‘tired,’ I was automatically corrected by my team mates who’d immediately scold, “You’re not sore, you’re sexy!” or “You’re not stressed, you’re challenged!”



By the end of day three I was wishing I had a longer stay as it was the first in a long time that I felt good about my body and a more positive mindset. My body Camp experience definitely engendered me to think differently about the way I look at exercise and food – and it even made me realise you don’t always need cocktails to enjoy a holiday abroad.



For those who are in need of a major kick up the arse or to simply have a different type of ‘holiday’ where you come home feeling energised and motivated rather than sluggish and fat, then the Body Camp is one of those places where you’ll always want to return.

Prices for a week’s stay at Body Camp Mallorca start from £950 (programme runs Friday-Friday), which includes the programme, accommodation and all food and drink. Excludes flights. Shorter stays available from £750 and day passes cost £150. Call 01548 550803 or log onto for more information.

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