The best fitness products to look out for in 2019

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NEED some motivation to get your body honed for summer?
Whether it’s a protein shake, sweat-proof leggings or fitness supplement you need to keep you going, we’ve tried and tested the best fitness products for 2019.



Pretty Active Wear



AFTER scooping gold at this year’s National Running Awards 2018 for ‘Best Female Clothing’, Tikiboo’s fitness kit is one to watch.
The brand produces a range of fun and colourful female fitness outfits which won’t tear even throughout the most gruelling workouts.




I’m obsessed with their adorable and exclusive Breast Cancer Now range, with eye-catching grey leggings detailed with baby pink love hearts.



The leggings are high-waisted, super flattering and make your booty look amazing – and they even have a handy zip pocket for you to carry your phone or iPod.
I feel like the non-clingy material perfectly fitted my curves and felt comfortable without digging in like some other leggings.
Tikiboo also donates a minimum of 20 per cent of the purchase price to Breast Cancer Now to help with cancer research.




Hydration Supplements




WHETHER you’re running a marathon or simply trying to stave off a bad hangover, Precision supplements are the perfect way to prevent dehydration.
Available in tablet, dissolving tabs or sachet form, these are made so that athletes or gym bunnies won’t lose excessive sodium.
Whilst water is fine if you’re not sweating too much, if you don’t replace the sodium you’re losing when you’re sweating heavily you actually run the risk of further diluting your blood sodium levels and this can have some rather nasty consequences like headaches, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. It can even be fatal in the extreme.
H2Pro 1500 are great for using either before or after exercise or even the morning after the night before.

Available at



 Protein snacks



STASH these protein balls in your gym bag, breakfast cupboard or desk drawer for health fuelling on the go.
Health Lab’s delicious snack balls come in a variety of flavours and will stop you snacking on rubbish throughout the day.
Their grab-and-go products contain goodies for energy, clear skin and even collagen-boosting ingredients for the ultimate pick me up.My favourite flavours include the decadent Chocolate Matcha Gut Balls, which are ideal if you’re in a hurry but still need some fuel in the morning.
The Protein Ball Company have also released mini protein breakfast balls and a scoffable range of full-sized balls for a satisfying post-workout snack.
You must try the delicious bite-sized Coconut and Macadamia snack balls and Chocolate Matcha flavour.



Nutrition Sachets




THIS plant-based protein powder is ideal for weight loss or sports performance enhancement.
Backed by 30 years of meticulous medical research, Norvia Nutrition was established using only natural ingredients to create protein-rich formulas that have proven to be the most weight-reducing and lifestyle-enhancing products throughout Scandinavia.
Available in individual sachets, Norvia’s innovative products combine naturally extracted soy protein, soy fibre, and soy phospholipids to create a synergistic effect that doubles the cholesterol lowering effect of soy protein alone.
Both velvety powders are rich in vital macro and micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals and come in delicious flavours such as Arctic Chocolate and Ice Vanilla.
Drink as a shake alone or mix vanilla with fruit smoothies to keep you fuller for longer.


Reversible Gym Gear



THIS reversible gym set from ILU is made from a luxe fabric which keeps you cool during even the sweatiest workouts.
These come in a nautical navy/cobalt colourway which means you can wear sport two different styles for the price of one.
Beautifully cut from a luxe piquet knit yet sweat wicking fabric, these leggings are designed both to flatter and to perform.
I wear these with the reversible sports bra during spin or runs so I’m always feeling fashionable and motivated.
The sports bra offers light support and contains removable pads for less intensive workouts.


MitoAge Cell NAD+ anti-ageing complex



TACKLE fatigue and ageing all at once with this incredible new fitness supplement.
The new MitoAge Cell NAD+ anti-ageing complex helps to promote healthy ageing, boost energy, increase vitality and optimise wellness.
By taking four of these a day, these capsules provide the body with valuable vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body requires for positive ageing plus Coenzyme Q10 which is renowned for its energy-boosting benefit.
These are perfect for sluggish women who struggle to keep their nutrition balanced without additional supplements.
Available at

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