Chick flicks and wine – The best lockdown drinks to enjoy during summer

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From Cameron Diaz rocking out to The Killers in the Holiday, to poor Bridget drowning her sorrows to ‘All By Myself’, it’s safe to say that wine is the perfect accompaniment to any chick flick.

So, whilst we are all behaving ourselves and adhering to social distancing rules, why not misbehave just a little bit and plan a virtual movie marathon with you girlfriends and a bottle of vino.



We asked the lushes at i heart Wines what some of their top five chick flick and wine pairings were. We’ve also chosen a few favourites at Styletto. So, sit back, unwind, dial in the girls, pop that cork and enjoy.


  Clueless + Pinot Noir



A 90’s classic which must be enjoyed with a glass of wine – after all, you’re not a teenager anymore. When it comes to which wine, our recommendation is I heart, Pinot Noir. This delectable bottle is smooth, elegant and plummy with a hint of spice. And the colour matches our favourite shade of 90s lipstick.


 Breakfast at Tiffany’s + Italian Sparkling Rosé



With the elegant, charming and exquisitely dressed, Audrey Hepburn taking the main role in this American classic, there’s no better drink to match the sparkling jewels than an Italian Sparkling Rose. Delicate, yet full of fresh ripe strawberry and summer fruit flavours, this tipple is perfect for sitting back, relaxing and dreaming of those Tiffany diamonds. After all, they are a girl’s best friend.


 The Notebook + Merlot



We all know every great love story starts with Ryan Gosling, a guy with many hidden depths. And this is the same for Merlot… a smooth and soft wine with surprising complexity. Who are you indulging in more, the wine or Ryan Gosling?!



 Bride Wars + Sauvignon Blanc




There’s nothing better than a good old wedding film. Although wedding season may not be going as planned this year, Bride Wars is certainly one to get you into the spirit from the comfort of your own sofa! A crisp and fruity Sauvignon Blanc would be the perfect sip here.


 Bridget Jones’s Diary + Rose


Known as the popular Soho House, the Lady A house rosé – through direct delivery or 31Dover, is the perfect, thirst-quenching pink in a bottle during lockdown. This offers hints of citrus – grapefruit, peach and raspberry – with a refreshing, non-sickly finish. Beware though cos just like Bridget, one glass of this could lead to many more…

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