The ultimate guide to fake tanning through winter

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Just because the temperature has dropped, it doesn’t mean we have to let go of that healthy tan that helps us exude a confident glow. 

This week tanning expert, Rebecca Mone, founder of award-winning tanning brand utan provides her top tanning tips to help ensure you survive the winter months without pallid skin.

Here’s her top tips for achieving a healthy tan all year round.


Exfoliation is key


Always exfoliate and do any hair removal before you tan (preferably 24 hours prior). Be sure not to use an oil-based exfoliator as this prevents the tan from working as well


Choose the right tan



“For pale skin types, go for a tan that has a red undertone as this will mimic a real suntan and won’t go an orange/ashy colour,” Rebecca said.
“If using a mousse, always use a mitt to apply this evenly across your body. I also use a Face Halo to perfect areas such as my hands.
“As we are currently using a lot of hand sanitiser and frequently washing our hands, I would recommend using a tanning water such as utan Almond Mylk Mist to top up.”


Learn weird tips for application


Make a claw shape with your hand and mist for even coverage


Keep skin smooth


Be sure to keep moisturising and drink plenty of water to prolong the life of your tan


And if you’re prone to breakouts and hate applying tan…


Use a tanning water/mist over your face, bust, shins and any hard to tan areas instead of a mousse. You can also use a tanning water to set your mousse tans for a darker colour! Why not try St Moriz Professional 1 Hour Tan Mist, £4.99.


This speedy tan mist is a must-have for babes who are short on time.
Simply spritz on and rub in this fast-drying tan from anywhere and watch your skin turn from pasty white to olive in as little as one hour.
it’s also super easy to apply, with a 360° spray that can be sprayed in all directions, including upside down.
The fast drying formula with instant colour guide features Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for added hydration, helping to keep your tan looking flawless and glowing for days, whilst keeping your skin silky smooth.




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