Ten of the best face masks for flawless skin in 2022

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Whether you’re a face mask every night type of gal or guy, or a once in a month treat, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as discovering a face mask that fulfills your every skincare need.
But with so many face masks on the market – sheet styles, clay masks, powders and creams – it can be a minefield trying to source one that results in seriously flawless skin.
We tried some of the top-rated formulas out there, taking note of active ingredients and long-term results, to find the masks that will become your skincare heroes for 2022.
Here’s our roundup of some of the best on the market for the dreamy complexion you’ve always been looking for.



Patchology Bubbly Hydrogel Mask, £10




This luxe hydrogel mask is supercharged with bubbles to plump, hydrate and invigorate dehydrated complexions.
Its bubbles work together to nourish the skin with brightening ingredients and leaves skin feeling smooth and baby soft after 10 minutes.
Pop it in your fridge to cool, and enjoy serious refreshment whenever you need to chill.


Odylique, 3-In-1 Maca Mask, £20


Available as a powder form, this unique face mask formula can be mixed with water, yoghurt or toners to achieve a DIY treatment for brighter, more radiant skin. 
Combining organic BaoBfruit and a potent range of vital vitamins and minerals, pore size is instantly reduced and skin texture is refined.
With a gentle exfoliation to finish your skin-care routine, the organic fair-trade sugar and organic oats with leave your skin feeling revitalised, cleaned and richly toned. Perfect for mattifying oily skin types.


Athletia Core Balance Toning Mask, £9

This environmentally friendly, 100 per cent cotton sheer mask is infused with plant-derived ingredients such as Geranium Robertianum Extract and Uji green tea extract designed to deeply hydrate and and comfort the skin. Simply apply, lie back and enjoy sublime skincare. Complexion looks instantly revived and plump after using.


Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Mask, £39.50




The soothing and refreshing effect of Dr. Hauschka’s Revitalising Mask is instantly noticeable. Going on like a creamy moisturiser, this deeply penetrates the skin and leaves the face and décolleté feeling toned and refined. The Revitalising Mask is also perfect for regulating and cooling skin that is prone to impurities. or that has been exposed to strong sunlight.


Anti-OX Wild Blueberry. Overnight renewing face cream-mask, £8.49





As well as smelling simply divine, this antioxidant-packed blueberry face mask is a dreamy treat for complexions before bed.
Going on like a moisturiser, this cream-mask is an overnight superhero, helping to smooth fine lines and even out skin tone to leave your face looking refreshed and radiant when you wake up.
It contains wrinkle-busting Coenzyme Q10 – a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the production of elastin and restores skins’ firmness and elasticity.
Blueberry extract ceramides also help fortify the skin’s natural barrier and help protect it against harmful effects of environment.





GAIA Crystal Purifying Mask, £38


Infused with rose quartz, this deep pink cleansing mask contains a rich source of vitamin C and is fantastic at fighting acne and reducing breakouts. Meanwhile, Hibiscus encourages collagen production, reduces inflammation, and is packed with antioxidants preventing damage to the skin and reducing the breakdown of collagen, leaving skin feeling refreshed, firm, and smooth. Rose Quartz is the stone of universal and unconditional love, restoring trust and harmony in relationships. It purifies and opens the heart to promote love, friendship, inner healing, and peace.



Arbonne Instant Cooling Moisture Mask, £34




Perfect for achieving baby soft skin, this tingly mask provides skin with a refreshing, cooling effect that works to instantly revitalise the skin.
Formulated with dry skin in mind, the softening mask includes shea butter, which is rich in vitamins to help deliver moisture, and peppermint, to keep skin looking and feeling smooth and clear.
It’s also dermatologically tested and made using premium plant-based ingredients, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.




Be Dew Skin Pink Clay Mask, £19.99





Creamy, indulgent and effective, the Pink Clay Glow Up Mask has both nourishing, hydrating and pimple busting properties. With ingredients such as pink clay and kaolin, this mask works hard on blemishes while also giving you a soft, healthy looking glow. Luxuriously infused with cranberry and strawberry extracts as well as hyaluronic acid, this is a thick and dreamy treat for your skin! Use as a full face mask or overnight as a spot mask when needed.



MONAT Be Purified Cold Charcoal Face Mask, £36



A unique cooling blend of mineral rich clays and purifying charcoal to help refine the pores and provide deep cleansing.  Made specifically for oily skin types, this oil free face mask gently absorbs excess oil, whilst providing an immediate cooling and refreshing skincare experience.  Infused with mineral rich clays, charcoal and salicylic acid, this purifying mask unclogs pores and has an instant mattifying effect, reducing shine for up to eight hours.




HDxSKIN Exfoliating Enzyme Mask, £69.99




This exfoliating enzyme mask launched by expert Dr Stephen Humble combines potent ingredients to deliver salon results at home.
Dr Humble is a renowned Aesthetic Doctor with a clinic in Harley Street and Twickenham and has created this range following his extensive experience in cosmeceuticals and skin assessments and identifying the need for products that deliver more results with fewer products.
Combining a carefully formulated combination of potent ingredients, the range of concentrated vitamins provide powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and soothe the skin.





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