The biggest fashion trends for Spring 2022, according to Pinterest

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Balletcore is the hottest new aesthetic taking over Pinterest, with a search volume increase of 1566% in the lead up to Spring. 

With spring right finally upon us, it’s now the perfect time to give your wardrobe a refreshing new boost. However, if you’re not sure where to start, Nick Drewe, trend expert at WeThrift, has uncovered the themes we’ve all been adding to our Pinterest boards ahead of the new season.

Top 10 spring fashion trends on Pinterest:

  1. Balletcore – ▲ 1566% Search Volume Increase
  2. Knit fashion – ▲ 809%
  3. Bold colour – ▲ 212%
  4. Deconstruction fashion – ▲ 123%
  5. Lime green aesthetic – ▲ 111%
  6. Cut-outs – ▲ 109%
  7. Maxi fashion – ▲ 95%
  8. Botanical prints – ▲ 91%
  9. Bohemian – ▲ 85%
  10. Crochet Tops – ▲ 63%

WeThrift, a money saving firm that provides coupons, saving codes and discounts, analysed Pinterest trend data to determine which fashion trends have peaked in the lead-up to spring. Each trend was ranked on the percentage increase from February to now.



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Balletcore – 1566%


Balletcore is the hottest new aesthetic taking over Pinterest and TikTok. So, what does the trend entail? Nick Drewe, Trend Specialist “It’s a mix of leotards, wrap sweaters and tops, flared leggings, ballet flats, cardigans, paired with tulle skirts and of course, leg warmers.”



“Essentially, the aesthetic is about embracing the body and feeling comfortable. The trend sits close to athleisure, a category that has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. But Balletcore embraces a softer, more feminine and layered approach.”


Knit fashion – 809% 


Knitwear is often synonymous with autumn and winter collections, but this spring, we’re expecting to see an array of styles surfacing. Head to toe sweaters, matching co-ords and contemporary knits are just a few of the signature styles we’ll see come spring.



“It seems that as we head into the new season, comfort is at the forefront of our wardrobes. The leisurewear aesthetic is thriving and people are finding new ways to showcase some of the seasonal trend updates, while also staying comfortable.”


Bold colour – 212%


Bold is back, and brighter than ever. As the temperature starts to climb, our natural instinct is to opt for a more daring colour palette. Fuchsia, yellow, neon green and mango orange will be the key colours lighting up the streets the season. “If you are styling a statement colour, make sure to pair it with contrasting colours and avoid dull and faded tones.”


Deconstruction fashion – 123% 



This spring, we’ll see garments with an unfinished appearance, incorporating raw edges, exposed seems and distressed textiles. “The deconstructed trend is a theme that we will continue to see incorporated throughout the year. Fashion designers are starting to include more distressed garments on the runway, with the likes of Tokyo-based brand Sacai and Yohji Yamamoto adopting the look.”


Lime green aesthetic -111% 


Unapologetic lime green has resurfaced once more, adding an unforgettable element to any outfit. This shade seems to roll back around every spring, with this year being no exception; it’s all about that intense, vibrant vibe. It certainly isn’t your classic shade, but people are implementing it into their wardrobe in an ‘easy to wear.’


“Electric tones have dominated the street style scenes for the last few years and show no sign of slowing down. But despite how jarring the colour may feel, lime green has a lot more versatility than you might imagine. Ease your way into the trend, by choosing an accessory that can be worn alongside a toned-down colour, like grey, brown or black.”


Cut-outs –  109%



Skin-revealing is a hot hit this spring. Think bare shoulders and arms, with a top that cuts at the waist, collarbone or lower belly. Models and celebrities have recently been embracing the trend, from Hailey Bieber sporting a hot pink cut out dress to Kim Kardashian wearing a low rise bodysuit, baring all her beautiful curves.



While the micro-mini remains a firm favourite for many, its maxi fashion taking the lead this spring. “If the lockdown taught us one thing, it’s to prioritize comfort over everything else, making us choose comfortable, easy-to-wear clothing. Maxi fashion allows movement, instead of feeling restricted in jeans, leggings or tight tops.”


Botanical prints – 91% 


As the temperature starts to climb and the days get brighter and longer, one easy way to usher in the change of season is by replenishing your spring prints -bold, nature-inspired fabrics that feel energetic and colourful.


“After a wet and cold February, the first signs of spring can bring us hope that winter is finally behind us, so it’s easy to see why the botanical theme is a firm favourite for everyone right now.”


Bohemian – 85% 


Bohemian style is one of those aesthetics that never truly goes away. It’s all about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in what you wear. The style consists of natural fabrics, retro prints, statement accessories and loose silhouettes. “One of the most simplistic ways to add the bohemian style to your wardrobe is with a printed kimono.”


Crochet Tops – 63% 


Once popular in the ‘70s, crochet fashion has made a huge comeback on social media. Brands have taken inspiration from the bohemian aesthetic and have modernised the crochet technique, offering a fresh new take.



“Combined with the obsession with all things handmade and sustainable, it comes as no surprise that crochet is set to be one of spring’s biggest trends.” Nick Drewe.

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