Amazing new hair growth products that actually work

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In a post covid world where anxiety and stress can cause hair loss or increased shedding, hair growth has become an issue that both men and women want to take control of.
There are many other factors that cause thinning, shedding or hair loss including illness, cancer treatment, weight loss, hair extensions, pregnancy and Iron deficiency, but luckily there are many game-changing products on the market that actually help to tackle and even prevent loss.
We’ve selected some of the best hair growth products on the market that really do work to help you achieve a luscious mane.



Use CBD for hair strengthening…

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has the ability to be an important ingredient when it comes to hair health.
Although often overlooked, a healthy scalp is vital for a healthy mane, and if neglected, it will not only impede hair growth but actually lead to hair loss and bacterial and fungal infections.
Combing industry experience with potent botanical formulations and innovation, Wild Science Labs’ Head First collection contains the highest dose of the purest form of CBD to soothe sore scalps and promote healthy hair growth for all hair types.
Through consumer research, Wild Science Lab found that the average person washes their hair twice a week and therefore has included the amount of CBD in an efficacious form, based on every single hair wash application.
Having used this just twice a week for a month, the finest strands around my hairline were boosted and my hair looked healthier, with noticeably more volume.

Retinol, but not as you know it

This game changing hair serum gives your scalp the same five-star treatment as your highest-performing serum would your skin.
For optimum hair thickness, this hero product is set to inject voltage and volume to your hair through a meticulously developed formula.
By refreshing and renewing the scalp with Retinol, a little known hair loss treatment ingredient, it creates the perfect foundation for lustrous, full locks.
Additionally, the retinol component acts as a reset button to the scalp. By decongesting hair follicles and clearing debris and dead skin, other active ingredients within the serum can be absorbed better and stimulate the scalp with more efficacy.
Simply massage a few drops onto the scalp every morning as part of your daily skincare regime. In just a few weeks expect to see your crowning glory longer, stronger and fuller. Enviable, expensive hair has never been easier.

A spray that accelerates growth…

A special product with a unique combination of active ingredients including caffeine helps prevents hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hairs.
The complex stimulates hair bulbs, improves microcirculation and cellular oxygenation by slowing down ageing of the hairs, accelerating their natural growth and extending their lifespan (the anagen phase).
As a result, this special spray inhibits premature hair loss, hair thinning and balding caused by various factors.
The complex with scientifically confirmed efficacy stimulates genes of inactive hair follicles to produce new hairs, so-called vellus hairs, which visibly augment the hair volume and reduce the visibility of the scalp.
The product strengthens and thickens the hair, smooths the structure and improves its volume without making it look greasy.

Activating from the roots…

The Natucain Hair Activator is designed with a special, patented hair growth formula which generates new hair growth and strengthens existing hairs, reducing hair loss by 90 per cent and improving growth. The ingredients are 100 per cent natural origin and vegan, derived from the growth genes in bamboo combined with thyme and lentil extracts.  Designed to rejuvenate every strand.

A once a week duo that delivers results…

This new brand has everything you need to keep your scalp, and your hair, in the most impeccable condition – because healthy growth starts at the roots.
Powered by renewable, plant-friendly energy, Roots Professional is all about preserving hair density – and preventing unnecessary loss too.
This stimulating shampoo works when used even just once a week to ensure stronger tresses, a healthier scalp and strands that grow faster too.
Created with a blend of 16 key active ingredient to help reduce hair loss due to breakage, this is the ultimate shampoo and conditioner duo to support a healthy looking scalp and to revitalise and revitalise the overall appearance of your hair.

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