Have you tried ‘super’ laser hair removal yet? New pain-free treatment is ten times stronger and the secret to smooth skin

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I just wanna be pure!” hisses Frank Reynolds – aka Danny Devito – in my favourite TV comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia after shaving himself head to toe and slathering himself with sanitiser in a bid to rid himself from any germ-grabbing hairs.

It’s a scene that’s worryingly hysterical but almost relatable for a naturally dark-haired lady like me, who has probably spent thousands of pounds on razor blades or other hair removal treatments over the years in a bid to achieve smooth, hairless skin.

Those prickly-dark hairs had started to become a nuisance, particularly because I was sometimes shaving twice daily, and had been doing so from the age of nine (sorry mum) after pinching one of her razors and having my first go of being fuzz-free at a self-conscious age while in the bathtub.

So, as someone with coarse, dark hair that seemed to grow at a rapid rate, the concept of a ‘super’ laser hair removal treatment was a no brainer in becoming a bare-legged beauty. I began my first treatment in November last year, and recently completed my sixth laser hair removal treatment – perfect timing for the warmer weather coming in.

When it comes to achieving smooth, hair-free skin, there are numerous methods available, but none quite as effective and long-lasting as permanent laser hair removal. According to BMI Healthcare, the average amount women spend on waxing in their lifetime is £17,000. However, those who prefer shaving will spend £6,500 and eight weeks of her life managing unwanted hair, says reports.

I recently embarked on my hair removal journey on two priority areas – my underarms and legs – by enlisting the expertise of Kirsty, based at the Health and Beauty Salon in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow. Here, Kirsty kick-started my treatments using a state-of-the-art Evolve Diode laser, which is reported to be ten times the strength of other laser hair removal devices, with it being medically certified and used even for GP referrals, such as patients with conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

One of the first things I learned during my journey when looking for the best laser hair removal treatment in Glasgow, is that the treatment’s effectiveness varies depending on the body part being targeted. For instance, facial hair removal requires more time and sessions compared to the rest of the body. This is because facial hair is predominantly influenced by hormones, making it slightly more stubborn to eliminate. That’s why patience and commitment are key when it comes to achieving your desired results.

The credibility and safety of the machine instilled a sense of confidence in me as Kirsty conducted the treatments were extensively trained on the smaller version of the medical-grade machine, ensuring a professional and reliable experience.

Briefing me on what I could expect from the treatment, Kirsty explained: “Essentially a laser will travel through the hair, so it’s really important there’s a pigment to the hair. People with dark hair are the ideal candidates and the reason is that the hair has to have the pigment to it for the laser to attach to, travel down the hair and then kill off that hair follicle, which stops and delays the hair follicle.

“In 2 to 3 sessions people will see a difference in the growth, whether that’s the coarseness, colour or frequency, and by the sixth or weight session it will have started to kill off the follicle from where the hair grows, meaning it won’t grow back.

“It kills off the bulb where the follicle that it’s growing from and then the bulge, and we use different wavelengths to target specific hair types, growth and health. This dictates to how strong a laser we can programme but we’ll always use the most effective wavelength when possible.”

The treatment typically requires around 6 to 8 sessions, with noticeable differences visible even after just a few sessions. However, for optimal and long-lasting results, completing the recommended number of sessions is crucial.

Before my first session, proper preparation before undergoing laser hair removal treatment is essential to maximise its effectiveness, with one crucial aspect of this- and perhaps the only tricky one for a self-professed tan lover – is avoiding the use of self-tanners or fake tan products on the areas to be treated.

This is because these products contain pigments that can interfere with the laser’s ability to target the hair follicles effectively. It is recommended to refrain from using any self-tanning products for at least two weeks prior to the treatment session. However I was able to wear fake tan on occasions still in between.

Additionally, it is recommended to shave the treatment area a day or two before the session. Shaving ensures that the laser energy is focused on the hair follicles rather than being absorbed by the hair above the skin’s surface. It’s important to avoid waxing, plucking, or using depilatory creams before the treatment, as these methods remove the hair follicle and can make the laser less effective.

During my own experience, I began to witness a transformation in hair growth after just 2 to 3 sessions. The hair became less coarse, lighter in colour, and grew back less frequently, particularly in my underarms. I was only having to shave a few tiny hairs rather than full-fledged stubble every morning and night.

What impressed me the most about the treatment was the level of comfort I experienced. Each session lasts around an hour, with a chilly gel being applied onto the skin before the laser hair removal process begun. I found the process to be relatively comfortable and pain-free, and even a bit like a massage at some points! The sensation was similar to a gentle warm vibration on the skin, and Kirsty always ensured I felt at ease throughout the entire treatment, regularly checking in with me on how it was feeling while we caught up on true crime drama gossip and TikTok videos!

Throughout the entire session, I felt at ease knowing that the treatment was being performed by a true professional who understood the intricacies of the process. Kirsty constantly communicated with me, checking on my comfort levels and adjusting the laser settings as necessary. This level of personalised care made a significant difference in the overall experience, allowing me to relax and enjoy the treatment.

By the sixth session, the laser had successfully killed off the hair follicles, putting an end to the constant battle against unwanted hair. It was liberating to finally bid farewell to razors, waxing strips, and all the temporary fixes I had relied on for years. Previously, there was still darkness under my arms even straight after shaving, which made me self conscious, and if I ever stayed elsewhere than my own home I had always previously been in a panic about getting to the nearest razor first thing. Whereas after the fifth and sixth laser session, my underarms were definitely lighter in colour with very little growth.

What impressed me further was the salon’s ability to customise the treatment based on different hair types, growth patterns, and overall hair health. By using specific wavelengths, Kirsty is able to maximise the laser’s strength and efficacy for each client. This personalised approach ensured that each session was tailored to my unique needs, resulting in a satisfying outcome.

While the laser hair removal journey requires commitment and patience, the results are undeniably worth it. No longer do I need to spend countless hours and dollars on temporary solutions. The freedom and confidence that come with permanently reduced hair growth are truly invaluable, so much so that I’m tempted to opt in for a Hollywood laser treatment next.

If you’re tired of the constant battle with unwanted hair and seeking a long-lasting solution, I highly recommend exploring laser hair removal. Remember, results may vary based on individual factors, but with the right expectations and commitment, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the benefits of smooth, hair-free skin for years to come.

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