REVIEW: Have you tried the dermatologist-grade facial yet?

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It’s the phenomenal facial treatment that set all the skin gurus, make-up artists, and brides to be in a frenzy asking to be added to the waitlist.
Created by Frances Turner Traill, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of skin after having more than three decades of medical experience, crafted the FTT Bespoke Skin facial that’s entirely personalised to clients.
FTT Skin Clinics has two successful clinics in Scotland with Hamilton being their Headquarters opening in 2014.
Inside the clinic is a modern contemporary space, and immediately feels like a luxurious, welcoming environment.


The welcoming team at FTT Skin Clinics


Having started to notice a few minor fine lines and pimples crop up after a stressful few months, I couldn’t wait to try out the tailored facial system – but was also slightly terrified of undergoing the skin analysis prior to treatment.
A consultant at FTT Skin clinic in Hamilton began the treatment by using a skin analysis machine to detect and scan for problem areas, whether that be wrinkles, sun damage, clogged pores, or dehydration levels. Gulp.
While my skin generally looks good on the outside, according to the machine, it’s actually two years older than my actual age.
Fortunately wrinkles haven’t yet become much of an issue, but the screen showed some oiliness, large pores and a hint of bacteria around my brows.


An example of how the facial scan might look.



After receiving my results, my expert consultant took me into one of the clinic rooms where I could relax while watching beach scenes featuring chilled music on a big screen.
She then decided the best type of facial for me was the hydrafacial, an hour-long treatment loved by celebs such as Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Kate Winslet.
Involving a machine to unclog pores, deeply clean the skin and inject a dose of thirst-quenching hyaluronic acid into the skin.



Jennifer Aniston is a fan of the HydraFacial

First up was a thorough cleanse to help open up the pores using medical skincare products from American brand Obaji.
A cleansing lotion and exfoliator was gently scrubbed on to slough off dead skin cells and prep the skin for the specialist products to be applied on top.
I could have nodded off during the relaxing treatment – which was especially welcome on a chilly day.





Next up, an ultrasonic brush was then used to tackle early signs of ageing and remove dead skin cells, resulting in clearer, smoother and brighter looking skin.
Another optional part of the facial involves targeted LED light—blue which kills acne bacteria and/or red which reduces any residual redness and helps boost collagen. Your specialist will determine what’s necessary post-treatment.
Finally, a plumping serum, nourishing moisturiser and FTT Skin’s tinted SPF was applied for the final touches, making me look automatically more well-rested.
The results were instantly fresher, gleaming and softer looking skin – but I truly saw the full effects of the facial about five days later.




The fine lines around my eyes appeared to have been magically ironed out, and my skin had a beautiful glow that can often only be achieved with expensive highlighter.
At one point that week, a friend asked how my skin looked so dramatically smooth, which obviously was nice to hear!
As well as walking away with great skin after just one treatment, I also reaped the benefits of some handy advice to ensure I could be more savvy with my skincare regime in between facial appointments.
While it’s not an intensive treatment such as a peel, this treatment is perfect for something to book in for this January, post-party season when your complexion can look a little worse for wear after some festive celebrations.

The bespoke facial can be booked at FTT Skin Clinic here.

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