How I cured my anxiety for good with hypnotherapy

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FOR the first time in weeks, I slept like a baby.
The knots in my stomach, the insomnia, the constant ruminating in my head – for once – was gone.

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Just a few days before I realised I’d beaten my anxiety for good, I’d swished out of celebrity life coach Ali Campbell’s clinic feeling positively giddy.
Driving along the country roads of Biggar with my music blaring, I felt a sudden sense of freedom that I hadn’t experienced in a long time.
A series of troubling events in my life, of which I had no control over, had left me in a permanent state of confusion for months on end.
Despite being once a very happy and positive person, I found myself trapped in a cycle of obsessive and negative thoughts which I knew I had to snap out of.
Having been introduced to hypnotherapist Ali by a friend, I told him sheepishly about my concerns and he was desperate to help.

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Having tried tablets, meditation and gruelling workouts to no avail, it was time to finally get things sorted.
I felt a sudden glimmer of hope after hearing stories about how Ali had cured Katie Price’s phobia of water and had helped thousands of others with anxiety.
Although sceptical at first, I knew hypnotherapy and NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – was something I had to try at least.
During the first session, I was asked to talk through some of the things I wanted to improve on and reassuringly, was told by Ali, “Don’t worry, we’ll get you fixed.”
His friendly and understanding manner helped me feel at ease and soon enough I was lying back on a comfy couch being ready to be put in a trance.
Ali – who also cured Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland’s addiction to chocolate – told me I’d be cured in just a few sessions.

ali and kelly
Firstly, I was asked to think of three things that were making me feel anxious and to play those images as a sort of video screen in my head.
Although some of the visions felt painful at first, Ali tried some NLP techniques where he made them smaller and smaller in my brain until they suddenly felt harmless.
Incredibly, when he asked me to try and make those mental images come back, they felt so distant that I was completely unfazed by them.
This came as a shock to someone who could once get anxious and lose their appetite for days when thinking about something that bothered me.
After trying this a few times, I was then put in a hypnotic trance where Ali spoke to my subconscious mind and basically trained it to stop feeling anxious.

katie price
It was a bit of a blur but when I came round he explained I would feel even better after a couple of nights sleep.
After my first session, I slept like a dream and woke up feeling strangely calm and content – a first for me in months.
It dawned on me later that day that I had gone hours without worrying, feeling sick or fidgeting like mad – all symptoms of my anxiety.
During our next sessions, Ali concentrated on curing some of my fears from childhood and past relationships which had badly affected my self-esteem.
He used a mixture of NLP techniques, restoring energy and some more trances to try and really get to the bottom of it all.
Fast forward three sessions on, I’m already feeling like a completely different person and barely worry at all.
Most importantly, the symptoms of my anxiety – heart palpitations, fidgeting, obsessive worrying and loss of appetite – are miraculously gone.
For years I had been told methods such as counselling and long-term treatments were the only options to help cure anxiety and I can honestly say hypnotherapy seems to be the magic formula.
Being able to go about my day without feeling sick or worrying about the past constantly has helped me to finally feel free again.
Now I know why Ali’s called Mr Fix It.


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