How to get a plumper pout..without needles

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LIP fillers and an overlined mouth might seem like the new push-up bra, but it’s a painful feat to achieve.
Thanks to the rise in Kylie Jenner’s surgically-enhanced smackers, everyone on Insta is lusting after a plumper pout.
But there’s a far easier way to achieve pillowy lips without the help of surgeons or painful injections.
Here are some of Styletto’s most lustworthy products to achieve super-sized lips.


Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub, £5.50


lush sugar


SCRUB your lips up well with this delicious edible product from Lush.
The key to super-soft lips is to start by eradicating any flaky areas or dead skin before applying moisture.
Coming in a fabulous shade of plum full to the brim of caster sugar to scrub away any rough or dry skin, this will leave your lips sensationally smooth.
There’s no need to rinse this off either – all you do is apply and lick it off like sugar to reveal a perfect pout.
This buffs away unwanted flakes to leave you ready to pucker up for that hot date.


Fulllips Enhancing Device, prices vary

full lips

A LIFESAVING lip plumper like this should be in every girls’ makeup bag.
Having used this almost daily for a matter of months, you truly see the difference in your pout.
Although it seems barmy, all you do is gently wet your lips after moisturising, pop on the device and suck in short puffs of air for a dramatic change in lip size.
I was sceptical at first but it makes a difference if you use it a few times at 30 seconds a pop before applying your lippy.
The change is subtle but definitely noticeable after one use and the effects can last up to three hours.
This is ideal for anyone who wants bigger lips without having to resort to drastic measures. And it’s perfectly safe too.



Gold Collagen Lip Mask


gold collagen



BEAUTY blogger Huda sparked a trend for these lip masks after posting the results on her widely-followed Instagram page.
Now gold collagen lip masks are proving to be the way forward when it comes to achieving sultry lips at a cheap price.
The masks, infused with plant collagen, are designed to increase cellular metabolism and help replenish moisture on the lips for a silky smooth pout.
Slimey but effective, all you have to do is place a mask onto the lips and wear for 15 minutes to reveal a more youthful pout.
Afterwards lips feel and look instantly more desirable with less visible lines around the mouth.


Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Tint, £5.95


lip tint


Another hit from cruelty free cosmetics firm Lush, this luxurious lip tint is perfect for applying when they look dry and dull.
This leaves a gorgeous hint of a purple tint and keeps your pout looking deeply moisturised and wonderfully soft.
Colour stays locked in for most of the day and can be worn at night for a pretty bedtime pout.



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