Whiter teeth for £20 – but does it work?

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TURNING your teeth black may be the way forward when it comes to earning pearly whites.
Charcoal teeth whitening is the latest trend being touted as the key to transforming your  sacred smile after just one week.
If you’ve already spent hundreds of pounds forking out for the latest tooth whitening trend, £20 for a product which lasts a year will seem nothing in comparison.
And if you want to see quick, painless results, the  latest innovation involving coconut oil and charcoal could provide new wisdom.
This tub of  Lush White’s Charcoal Teeth Whitening  claims to be 100 per cent natural and can remove ugly tea and coffee stains from your gnashers.
As activated charcoal is a purifying product which absorbs impurities, it brightens the teeth your smile by lifting off stains almost straight away.
The one thing I like about this is I’m told I won’t have to stop drinking coffee, which was never going to happen anyway.
teeth ebfore
Containing absolutely no fluoride or chemicals, all you have to do is dip a wet toothbrush in the powder and start brushing.
Prepare for a messy sink though as it can take a few minutes to scrub your mouth to get rid of the black entirely.
Beware as it looks awful when getting to work but after the first go, but after just one use I could already see a difference.
Another bonus point was that my teeth felt squeaky clean as coating them with black helped me really get into the smallest mouth grooves.
Instructions advise  to use 2-3 times each week to get rid of toxins but it’s safe enough to use at least once a day.
After the third go my teeth definitely look at least one shade whiter, although they did feel slightly more sensitive.
teeth after
This is great if you already have naturally white teeth which are in  need a spot of polishing.
For extreme results I think you’d have to head to the dentist and use this with another whitening treatment  to keep things gleaming.
This is a fun way to boost your smile without having to whip out the credit card.
Available at St Enoch’s Centre, Glasgow www.lushwhite.co.uk/

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