Skincare Shop launch – Here’s how to bag a free goodie box…

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NOTHING beats coming home to a parcel full of surprises after a hard day at work.
Now, thanks to Shop Skincare, customers can receive a free mystery box full of beauty goodies for every £40 they spend on the site.

Punters will get a free goodie box for every £40 they spend

Punters will get a free box for every £40 they spend.

Each box will contain full sized products and will be automatically sent out each time you spent this amount or more.
So where you’d normally spend the cash on another site and get nothing back, it means you’re always getting a great surprise back for no extra cost.

More than 200 beauty brands are featured on the site

More than 200 beauty brands are featured on the site.

Site founder Abi Cleeve said: “The idea for Shop Skincare had been in the pipeline for quite a long time, but with so many retailers and subscription sites offering great beauty boxes, we wanted to work on creating something truly unique.
“The team got together and discussed what it is we love about our favourite beauty boxes and then the things we don’t like so much.

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“The general consensus was that we love receiving full sized products and finding new brands we have never tried before, but we don’t like the sometimes laborious subscription process, or receiving the same brands again and again.

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“The Shop Skincare box doesn’t require a subscription or a points scheme and it will never ever contain sachets, minis or tester sizes- making it not only fantastic value for money, but also a commitment-free way of discovering gorgeous new products.

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“We hope that our customer will be surprised with new products and new brands every time they receive a Shop Skincare box, discovering new all-time favourite products. (But if some of the free products end up in their emergency presents stash, we won’t tell!)”

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With more than 200 products to choose from, it’s the great way to try out some hero products.
Visit to earn back your free box.

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