Inkin’ hell – Why digital microblading is the latest brow saviour we’re all taking about

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IF the hangover from dodgy 90s eyebrows is still fresh on your face, then digital microblading is the buzzword you need to know about.
Years of overplucking and even SHAVING OFF my eyebrows on one occasion as part of a prank had left my facial furrows in a bit of a state.


Scarce brows can be a thing of the past thanks to digital microblading.

But thanks to new technology, there’s still a chance for 90s chicks to covet Cara Delevingne-esque brows without having to grow them out for years.
Glasgow-based brow queen Moya Wren has hired some of the city’s top tattooing artists to help punters achieve the perfect brows in less than two hours.
Sufferers of alopecia and cancer who have lost their hair have the beauty expert to thank for bringing back their beloved brows.

Tattoo queen Moya Wren

Tattoo queen Moya Wren.

Although most people are terrified over the idea of semi-permanent makeup, digital microblading leaves a stunning effect which looks completely natural.
Perfect brows can by achieved by manually inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin to give the impression of fullness and shape.
Head artist Moya Wren has been practising permanent make up since 1996, and has worked to be one of the leading names in the industry.
Moya, whose studio is based in Glasgow, said: “What we do is digital microblading, which is much more advanced than microblading.
“It’s still semi-permanent makeup but it’s for people who want the hairstroke without having that block look.

Actress Drew Barrymore knows the consequences of 90s brows

Actress Drew Barrymore knows the consequences of 90s brows.

“They think microblading has created that hairstroke brow, when it’s actually the person, not the microblading machine, that produces that.”
After years of feeling self-conscious about my brows, I decided to take the plunge and opt for the treatment which would save me precious time in the morning.
I couldn’t wait to go swimming and to wake up in the morning without having to do a thing to my eyebrows.
Tattoo artist Tara Ferguson suggested I opt for a combination brow to sort my scarce ones out and to give them better definition.

Brow artist Tara Ferguson

Brow artist Tara Ferguson

The combination brow uses faux hairstrokes and powder to transform the brows whilst creating the appearance of realistic hair growth.
After being greeted in reception, I sat nervously with a coffee while some anaesthetic numbing cream was applied to my brows.
Tara then drew out the perfect shape for me and showed me a mirror to make sure I was happy with what she was about to do.
Although my brows looked a bit heavy once filled in, Tara assured me they wouldn’t look anywhere near as drastic once tattooed.
She began her work of art by using a fine needle which was attached to a whirring machine to start inking mine out.

Brows directly after treatment

Brows directly after treatment

Despite the procedure being a tad painful, it wasn’t uncomfortably so. I winced maybe two or three times during the process.
Tara spent around an hour and a half perfecting the shape and hairstrokes so they looked like I was born with them.
Delighted by the end results, which totally framed and even appeared to lift my face, I was given an aftercare gel and a guide on how to keep them looking fab while healing.

Brows after healing a week later.

Brows after healing a week later.

After a few days scabs began to form before flaking off to reveal brows which can last up to two years. Result.
Getting my brows tattooed has turned out to be one of the best beauty investments I’ve gone for yet and is definitely something I’d recommend for those who want to look better without makeup.
Megan Fox would be proud.
Brows start from £225 at

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