Why Powder Brows are replacing Microblading as the latest beauty trend

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There’s a new emphasis on the eyes and brows thanks to the use of face masks as part of safety procedures following the covid-19 pandemic.
With beauty salons remaining closed for the foreseeable, cosmetics trends such as brow and lip tattooing seem more desirable than ever before. One thing I’m grateful for is having had powder brows carried out by Permanent Makeup Artist Tara Ferguson just before lockdown hit.



Powder brows are slightly different to the popular microblading technique and a great solution who those who want perfect brows without having to fill them in daily.


So what are powder brows and how are they different to microblading?


Microblading is carried out with the handheld tool, whereas this is applied with the digital device.
It also lasts longer than microbladed blows and is suitable for those with more mature or oily skin types.
Tara Ferguson, affiliate with Moya Wren in Glasgow, explains: “Powder brows are perfect for every skin type and can be as soft or bold as the client desires. It provides a soft makeup look by building up different layers – it looks nice and soft, it won’t seem blocky or harsh, and is more natural.



“This is for clients who have lots of hair, oily skin or like a makeup finish. It lasts longer than the hairstrokes too.
“Many people prefer the powder brow now, especially if you wear makeup on a daily basis.
“Powder brows suit any skin type because you can have as natural or as bold as you like.
“It’s good if you maybe have a lot of hair in one area, as the powder brow blends in a bit better.”



Celebs and influencers such as actress Michelle Keegan and Love Island’s Mollie Mae are said to be fans of the powder brow aesthetic, which lasts around 18 months before you need a colour refresh.
“It’s perfect for people who have overplucked their brows or have gaps in their brows,” Tara says. “When permanent makeup was first popular, powder brows tended to be heavier whereas now the aim is for them to be soft and borderless.”
I’ve personally had microblading tattoo brows and the powder brows, and am now more keen on the powder brow effect as it creates a velvety, more natural looking result.
It takes around two hours for the look to be perfected and feels like a gentle tickling of the skin, far less painful than when I had them microbladed.



People with mature skin can get away with having had this done also. If someone has fragile skin and you try to do a hair stroke brow it can blur, whereas a soft powder brow will heal really nice.
“A lot of people are scared of a powder brow because they think it will look like a tattoo – sharpie look – but it doesn’t at all,” Tara continued. “Compared to the ends and underneath it gives soft fronts without the blocky look that most people associate with a powder brow.
“It’s great for people going swimming or travelling, they can still have perfect brows without the desire for makeup.”


My experience with powder brows.


As well as promising “I woke up like this” brows, it can also fake a fuller brow look without looking heavy.
The healing process takes around 1-2 weeks. I had no issues and you could barely notice that my brows were starting to scab as they healed.
The end result is a beautiful, perfectly done brow which is perfect for a low maintenance look. I also felt my new brows helped to frame my face, emphasising my cheekbones and somehow creating a younger, fresher look.

There are many different styles of brow available and Tara offers free consultations which allow you discuss the look you are wanting to achieve. She will recommend the best method for you depending on your natural brow hair, skin type and face shape.


Hairstroke brows, which Tara also offers to clients, are great for a natural brow and perfect for anyone that has a great brow already but just needs gaps filled in. Combination brows are a mixture of both powder and hairstrokes and give a more defined look. They are great for clients with very little hair that like the look of a hairstroke brow.

For enquiries and to see images follow @Tarafergusonbeauty on Instagram or contact her on 07595 503 147. Brows cost £325 including a 4 week top up.

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