Luxury bath products to add something special to your soak

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There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bath at the end of the day and a spot of pampering with your favourite products.
With all the stress that’s going on around us at the moment, it’s important to take time to unwind and enjoy a spot of self care when needed.
Check out some of our favourite bath products to add a hint of luxury to your evening soak…


Olverum Bath Oil, From £35




This highly concentrated, therapeutic bath oil hasn’t become a cult product for any old reason.
It contains 10 pure essential oils, carefully blended to naturally relieve stress and help you achieve a great nights’ sleep. It is also a great way to ease aching or sore muscles (such a treat after a workout) and is the perfect soothing antidote to a cold or flu. All with a gorgeously aromatic, unisex scent.
I always feel gloriously relaxed, clean and invigorated after taking a bath with this oil.


Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb, £14.90



Bath bombs are a great way to begin any relaxation journey and soaking in a luxurious warm bath allows the essential oils and benefits of CBD to be absorbed.
In this range, there are four types of bath bomb available, each with two different dosages of CBD – 25mg or 100mg.
The KushQueen Relieve bath bomb relaxes sore muscles through its organic essential oils of clove, birch, rosemary, black pepper and coriander while the cannabinoids aid calm and mental clarity.
Meanwhile the Relax bath bomb not only relaxes the body but also helps relieve stress and stabilises the mind through a combination of CBD and essential oils of lavender, chamomile and frankincense.


Byre Full Cream Body Wash, £5





This thick and creamy body wash contains a plethora of plush ingredients to leave your skin pillowy soft.
Enriched with soothing aloe vera and sweet whey powder, sourced from British Cows, this luxury bath and shower product is packed with nutritious and rich ingredients.
The products come in three ranges – full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed – and are completely free from parabens and silicones.


No Secrets Bath Sugar, £30



Made from magnesium sulphate, this heavenly scented bath sugar is a modern twist on traditional bath salts.
The bath salts have been ground to the consistency of icing sugar, making them quicker to dissolve and less prickly the skin during your soak.
From the moment you untwist the lid on the glass jar, the room fills with the beautiful signature scent ‘Four’ which evokes a home spa experience.


Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence, £17



Lavender works as an an anxiety reliever and as a sedative, to increase relaxation and calm, and help bring about sleep.
This blissful bath essence envelops you in its warm fragrance and provides strength and relaxation and prepares you for a good night’s sleep.
This Dr. Hauschka bath essence is perfect for a full-body soak or just a foot bath, especially in the evening.



Kiss Air’s Bath Time Tealights, £8



When you get time to have a soak in the tub, make the most of it and turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.
Kiss Air’s bath time trio of maxi glass tealights read Soak, Relax and Unwind and are perfect for setting the mood whilst scenting the room with a calming fragrance of lavender, chamomile and vanilla.
Not only do these smell amazing, they also make the perfect bathroom accessory.


Tropic Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut Luxury Bath Foam, £18



Ideal for those ‘me time’ moments, this luxurious, 100% natural bath foam creates a soothing, sumptuous layer of bubbles to relax in, leaving you with super soft, smooth skin after each and every soak.
This won’t strip the skin like other bath products and combines delicious notes of Vanilla and Coconut to make you smell incredible.

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