Must have pampering products for creating a spa day at home

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Self care is hugely important during these unprecedented times, and indulging in a mini pampering session could be just what you need.
The country’s emotions are at an all-time low just now, particularly because many of us don’t have the same outlets we’re normally used to turning to when we’re feeling a bit down.



While we can’t whisk ourselves away to a spa retreat or meet up with gal pals for gossip, there’s nothing stopping us from creating our very own zen-like spa day from home.
Here’s some of Styletto Mag’s favourite must haves for a self-indulgent, at home spa experience to help you look and feel good during lockdown.


Palmolive Naturals Pure Shower Gel in Pomegranate, £1.50



Ahead of your spa night, relax with a warm, steamy shower to get your skin clean and supple. Transport yourself away to a faraway land with this heavenly shower gel which is both uplifting and invigorating.
Crafted with a limited number of carefully selected ingredients including pomegranate and glycerine, this is a moisturising wash of natural origin. Enjoy a gentle cleansing shower with a beautiful fragrance. Available at Wilko for £1.50.



Su Man’s Queen of the Night Candle, £32



There’s nothing that says ‘relax’ more than lighting a luxury scented candle.
It’s such a simply but effective way to set the scene for an at home spa day that allows you to really unwind.
Su-Man’s Queen of the night candle is specially designed to balance your Qi energy based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy.
Queen of the night is a rare exotic flower that blooms only one night each year and throws out such a seductive aroma that the memory of its fragrant treasure far outlives the length of the bloom itself. This candle is made with entirely natural waxes and beautifully compliments Su-Man’s skincare products to create the perfect at home spa experience.


Vitaclean Aromatherapy Vitamin C Filtered Shower Head, £59.99



This Vitamin C Showerhead removes shower water impurities and toxins to restore skin and hair to their natural lustre. They’re the solution to the UK’s hard water, acting as a quick, easy and effective way to neutralize chlorine, limescale and bacteria build-up from your shower. As the perfect addition to your morning routine, it provides an uplifting scent to make your bathroom feel like a spa. With a variety of scents including Citrus, Jasmine, Coconut & Vanilla and more, Vitaclean works to brighten the skin for that morning glow.

Available at


BetterYou Magnesium Flakes, £9.95



Upgrade your bath with some muscle soothing magnesium flakes for the ultimate spa worthy soak.
BetterYou Magnesium Flakes are ideal for replenishing the body with essential magnesium, helping to promote overall wellbeing, aiding skin health and relaxing the muscles.

When added to a body or foot bath this becomes the most relaxing way to re-mineralise – when dissolved into the warm water, the solution feeds every cell and efficiently replaces magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles, providing the most relaxing way to remineralise and the perfect way to recreate a calming, spa-like feel in your home.


Banobagi Milk Thistle Face Mask, £3.20



It wouldn’t be a spa day without a face mask that makes your skin look and feel amazing.
Developed by a team of 30 medical professionals and based on 20 years of clinical experience and thesis, this revoluntionary milk thistle mask, from, is setting a new benchmark in high performance skincare.
Thanks to its pioneering cocktail of ingredients, this sheet mask will leave the skin smoother and more youthful looking after just one application – even for the most sensitive skin.



Pureplex Bond Reconstructing Colour Cream, £7.99 



Lockdown has set many challenges for every household and essential hair and beauty needs is one of them.
Over the last few weeks we’ve seen women and men growing out their lockdown hair, natural nails being revealed all over social media and face masks becoming an essential daily item.
However, going au natural with hair colour is something that fills people with horror and revealing one’s ‘natural’ hair colour even over Zoom conference calls isn’t something that people feel comfortable with.
Home hair colourant brand, Knight and Wilson reveals its quarantine hints and tips to keep lockdown locks on point with its hair colourant range, Pureplex.
Sprucing up your doo will really take your pampering day to the next level and help you feel younger and fresher.


What are your favourite products for creating a spa at home? Share in the comments section below.










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