Five of the best… pore minimising products for perfect skin

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There are fewer skin complaints than blemishes and enlarged pores.
And while genetics ultimately determine your skin type, factors such as excess oil, stress, debris and ageing can also affect your complexion.
Enlarged pores – visible openings on the surface on the skin – can be frustrating for those who can’t seem to get to the bottom of the cause.
However there are a range of pore-perfecting beauty products available on the market to help you find a solution. Here are some of the best.


Magnitone Anti-Pollution Mineral Moisturiser, £10



This is one of the most effective pore-perfecting moisturisers I’ve tried when it comes to enlarged pores.
It’s lightweight, no-shine formulation contains natural minerals Magnesium and Zinc, which together create a powerful partnership to combat and absorb excess oil production throughout the day.
Upon application this instantly absorbs excess oil and provides a fine barrier, acting like a mattifying primer, making it perfect for wearing under makeup.
It can also help prevent skin and pore clogging, whilst Resurrection Plant Extract provides natural environmental protection, notably against sun and pollution to help preserve your skin’s youthfulness.


T Zone Charcoal and Bamboo Nose Strips, £6.99



The Nose Strips by budget skincare brand T Zone (Superdrug, £6.99) help draw out impurities by pulling out dirt and grime directly from pores.
These should be used after steaming the skin to help get rid of black and whiteheads. They are perfect for young, active and working people.


PRIORI Q + SOD Active Cleanser, £42



This adaptive skincare cleanser is a must for those with enlarged pores, blemishes and uneven skin tone.
The milky cleansing cream is comfortable to use on all skin types and can act as a beauty flash peel, leaving you with a refined complexion and smaller looking pores.
It also contains spot-busting Salicylic Acid: BHA for deep cleansing, oil control, bacteria and decongesting the skin surface.
Can be used as a weekly treatment cleanser or leave on the skin for 1-2 minutes as a beauty flash peel at home.



The Organic Market Four Acid Peel Serum, £30


This potent serum contains a high-performing fusion of four exfoliating acids designed to gently exfoliate, brighten and improve skin texture.
Combining lightweight fruit acids that refine the skin texture, this will ultimately help to shrink the size of pores whilst helping to reduce sebum production which can cause blackheads and grime to build up on the skin.


Bobbi Brown Skin Clarifier, £35





According to Bobbi Brown PRO artist Zara Findlay, this skincare treatment can be introduced to regimes to help tackle oily skin and visibly large pores.
This is a powerful, non-stripping treatment that helps balance oil levels and increase cell turnover to unclog and clarify pores.
Use as a treatment in the evening and apply a small drop onto any blemishes. You can also apply before your usual skincare routine to create a healthy skin environment.


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