REVIEW: St Tropez’s ultra dark tanner, one minute foaming mousse and dreamy face spritz

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ST Tropez has launched some of their most innovative tanners yet..and they’re not to be scoffed at.
Not only have the brand launched a range of transfer-free sunless tanners, they’ve also come out with a 1-minute pre-shower tan and their darkest ever mousse.



Whether it’s a subtle, sun-kissed sheen you’re looking for or a gorgeous mocha, they’ve come up with some of the best new faux tanners on the market.
Check out the lowdown on each of the exciting new products below.


Self-Tan Extra Dark Mousse, £34



For a holiday quality tan that looks like the real thing – but darker – this is your new hero.
St. Tropez have come out with their darkest tanner yet and it’s perfect if you want to stand out in a billowy summer dress.
Shower this off after four hours for a deep golden tan or after eight hours if you want to go all out.
The mousse formula is easy to apply but can look a tad streaky if you’re not careful to rub it in correctly.
This is ideal for coming home from work and showering off just before bed for a gorgeous mocha shade that doesn’t look orange.
Perfect for those looking for an ultra-rich tan that leaves you looking like you’ve been in the Bahamas for weeks.


Gradual Tan Everyday Moisturiser and Primer, £18


LIVEN up lack-lustre skin with this bronzing moisturiser and primer from St Tropez.
It can also be used underneath your foundation to bronze up the skin while keeping your makeup on for longer.
This tinted moisturiser smooths skin texture and blurs imperfections while creating a sun-kissed look to match the rest of your body.
I’ll be taking this on holidays abroad to use during daytime as it feels non-greasy and light and helps enhance your natural tan.
I love how this instantly blurs pores and makes the skin look fresh without feeling heavy or sticky on the skin.
Perfect for those who want a natural ‘no-makeup makeup’ look.



One Minute Pre Shower Mousse, £14.50


THIS almost sounds too good to be true but it’s the ideal tanner for girls on the go.
If you want a honey-hued glow that develops throughout the day all you have to do is apply this mousse all over, leave to dry for one minute, then wash it off in the shower. Voile!
This is perfect if you’re in a rush but still want some colour which looks like you’ve been sunbathing for a few hours.
You can also top it up throughout the week for a deeper hue and it’s ideal for beginners or shy types who don’t want to look like they’re dipped in tanner.


Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse, £31


A TRANSFER-FREE tan is something tan junkies have been praying for, and now they’re all over the high street.
This clear bronzing water can be applied and left to dry for a few minutes before getting dressed in the morning and develops throughout the day.
The best thing about this tanner is it won’t stain your clothes and has a Green Mandarin Water base and hibiscus extract which helps to help shield skin from sun damage.
The clear formula can be applied day or night, meaning bed sheets will stay perfectly white, as there is no need to wash it off. Great for applying in the day or evening.



Self Tan Purity Face Mist, £22

THERE’S a reason this is sold out everywhere – this water spritz is a game changer when it comes to face tanner.
Infused with 100% natural tanning agents and anti-ageing hyaluronic acid, this ultra-lightweight and vegan-friendly clear mist doesn’t need to be rinsed off and even works over makeup!
Simply spritz four or five times over your face and neck in the morning and before bedtime to wake up with a gorgeous glow.
The weightless formula means it also won’t clog pores or cause breakouts and it feels light and refreshing on the skin.
I used this before bed and woke up with a natural, sun-kissed glow which left me feeling I could leave the house confidently without foundation.
This won’t go on patchy or streaky like some other face tanners on the market and makes skin feel plump and revived too.


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