The narcissist has ‘moved on’ – so why are they still after revenge?

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When you ignore a narcissist, these obsessive monsters will plot and scheme – because they are not done with you.
Their gigantic ego is what drives them and they will stop at nothing to allow them to feed off the suffering of others.

They know how successful you will be without them and they know your potential, and nothing makes them more infuriated.
A narc will see it as a failure if you manage to slip from their grasp and they can no longer suck you dry or lap up all the freebies they once were giving adoringly.

In this odious person’s eyes, they are so angry that you outsmarted them and saw through them that they will plot to destroy you.
You weren’t stupid enough to believe their lies anymore and they are afraid more than anything that you will expose them.

So what exactly does lie beneath that charming facade? Chillingly, they are merely empty shells who lie and cheat their way through life to get what they want.
They are forever running from their true selves and must attack anyone who poses a threat to them.

Narcissist’s want to destroy you so you can forever be their slave and continue to control you.
These twisted creatures will brag about how they’ve moved on with the new supply, yet simultaneously are stalking you, plotting against you, checking up on you and continuing their ploy to ruin your life.

After all, if they were really so happy, then why would they not just move on rather than attempting to seek revenge?
The reason they cannot move on from you is because they are haunted by the ghost of what they lost – and they despise this.
They will seek you in another person but they will never, ever, find that.

Narcs become addicted to the supply you once provided them with so they will do anything to get that supply again,this time through your suffering and pain.
Hurting you consumes their thoughts while they are love-bombing their new source at the same time.

They will research and talk with their flying monkeys to find out what your weaknesses are and how they can get your head on a platter.
Yet at the same time they will pretend they don’t care about you and your new life – while trying to destroy it.
All you want to do is live your life like a normal person without someone trying everything to hold you back and make you regress.

Whatever progress you are trying to make in your life they want to unravel it and return you to the pitiful soul you were with them.
Do not let the narcissist ruin your healing. Do not give them another inkling of power. Don’t react to their disgusting games.

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