How I found peace after Reiki healing by Lorna McLean

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When Lorna McLean lost her son in a tragic car accident eleven years ago, she found healing and solace in the only way she knew: through Reiki. 

The reiki teacher and complementary therapy practitioner had endured every parent’s worst nightmare – however, she knew she had to find her way back and help others who had been through a similar ordeal.


Lorna McLean.


Lorna’s son Jonathan was just 17 years old at the time of his passing, but through her grief this mum-of-two also had to remain strong for her 18 year old daughter Rachael, who had miraculously survived the accident.

“The biggest healing I’ve ever had to do was in myself,” Lorna recalled. “The clearest thing for me was when my son died 11 years ago. There was a road accident involving my two children.  Our family and friends were devastated, Rachael had lost her wee brother, just a year between them they were so close.

 “I felt arms around me, family, friends and angels that held me up through the most difficult time in my life, and the healing nurturing energy of Reiki .  I was doing my best to take care of my daughter who was in recovery for four years. Even though sometimes I was on my knees in grief, I knew reiki could help hold me up. 

“On my return to doing the work that I love, the first four clients who came to see me after Jonathan died had each experienced the loss of a child. Each of them didn’t know about the accident before they came to see me, so this only confirmed my already strong belief that we attract what we know something about.  I believe they were sent to me and that everything is exactly as it’s meant to be.  

“I’m eternally grateful for the time that I had with Jonathan and for the lessons and the blessings that have come along with him passing over. We often get communication from Jonathan, witnessed and experienced by many people who knew him…and reiki has been right there through it all.”

Lorna, 60, from Stepps, Glasgow, has been offering reiki “consciously” for over 20 years, although she believes her healing gift runs within the family.  She said: “When I look back to being a child I had always been quite sensitive to things. My dad was often nurturing a wee creature with his healing hands and healing ways.  There was often a bird or frog getting healed in the porch, so he taught us how to nurture and nourish all creatures great and small. He had healing hands so maybe that’s always been in me. I didn’t know about reiki back then.   I read a small article in a magazine about reiki and it became abundantly clear that I needed to know more, and quickly.”



Lorna continues: “That was 1996, I booked myself in for a reiki treatment and I was hooked straight away. I knew it was something that could enhance my wellbeing and my lifestyle and wanted to learn more. I learned reiki first degree level and then a second.  Four years after that I enquired about the teaching level. Immediately after that I was teaching and this changed everything. I believe that if we all had the first degree level of reiki in our life we would find more peace within ourself, and so there would be a lot more peace in our world and a lot more understand about nature.”

Lorna, the co-founder and facilitator of Reiki Gatherings Scotland and Wild Green Wisdom, said: “Reiki is all around us, we all have the ability to tap into this energy to assist us.  I know that I would still be here had I not understood about reiki in my life, however, I do believe reiki has helped lift me through the difficult days to help smooth the way. This energy that we live in is a divine source energy that’s nurturing and nourishing us.”

Lorna also has shared her healing reiki with animals, including elephants, snakes and tigers, during her travels around the world.  Many of the animals who have received reiki healing had been held in captivity and treated unkindly. Lorna said: “They are very open to receiving reiki. animals love it and will often nudge my hand around to reach the place where they want reiki.”



Reiki can help aid physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments and is being used in some hospices and hospitals.   “The medical profession is more open to it now and is becoming more accepting of it. Much research is available for anyone wishing to read about the ‘science bit,’” says Lorna, who teaches reiki on a volunteering basis to nurses and care workers in the Marie Curie hospice.

 “Reiki works in a complementary way, not necessarily as an alternative. I am generally very healthy, I believe I have a good immune system and do what I can to help myself.  However, I myself had thyroid cancer a few years ago and had to have my thyroid removed. I also had small growths on my face and these have all been removed successfully and I’ve healed very quick.  With the assistance of reiki I feel I heal much quicker. If someone wants to learn reiki, it’s such an enhancement and gift to your life.”

During my treatment with Lorna, I was invited to lie on a therapy couch and covered with a soft blanket.  I could instantly feel the vibration, heat and energy coming through. I felt a deep sense of calmness as Lorna placed her healing hands around me, from head to toe, and almost doze off as I was so relaxed.  I felt a strange tingling sensation through my hands, a bit like pins and needles, and it felt like years of tension being purged from my body. At the end of my session, I felt relaxed and light, like something had left me, a sense of impending doom that I’ve carried around for many years had suddenly been lifted.



The next day, I receive an important and exciting phone call. I felt calmer than I have in a long time. I feel I have found acceptance with some of the difficult things going on in my life and I know that I no longer need to worry about them.

The great thing about Lorna’s work is that her aim is to pass on her knowledge and experience to other people, to allow them to be able to heal and empower themselves. Lorna is welcoming, warm and you just know she’s an old soul with years of almost magical experience around her. Her energy is fantastic and you can tell that she does this simply to help others.



Lorna advises: “Learning the first level of reiki for yourself can allow you to heal and empower yourself in wonderful new and exciting ways. It can help with many ailments and with everyday life.”

As a Master Teacher of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki, Lorna offers group and individual classes for tuition to all levels as well as regular Reiki Shares and Gatherings in and around the Glasgow area.  She also offers individual treatments in many other healing modalities for private clients, and facilitating group tuition and day retreats, Rites, Circles, Gatherings and Workshops on a range of themes.  

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