Use the psychology of colour to help boost your gym motivation this month with Tikiboo

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Now that we’re in November and moving ever closer to Christmas, have you noticed that more people are talking about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?

SAD is most common during Winter when we are exposed to reduced sunlight and therefore might feel more prone to low moods and wanting to find brightness elsewhere.

It can be easy just to want to hibernate and facing gruelling workouts during the dark winter months can seem like an arduous chore.

However, sportswear brand Tikiboo have developed a selection of outfits that include colours scientifically proven to boost low moods.

The brand’s new snake print collection features all four of these colours, using shimmery pinks, purples, yellows and reds to help boost the moods of those wearing the collection throughout the winter months.


Here’s how to choose colour psychology to boost your mood and motivation 

  • Red: is a bold, attention-grabbing colour, which exudes power, excitement and passion. Red can be a particularly great colour to wear when you want to project energy


  • Orange: represents creativity, confidence and joy. It is a particularly fun colour to wear on days where you are feeling extra creative


  • Pink: represents love, affection and serenity. Wearing pink can make you feel feminine, lovable and sweet

Choosing to wear a particular colour can also be uplifting and have a psychological effect on both the wearer and those that see them – allowing you to express yourself, puts a spring in your step and can positively change the way others perceive you.

Wearing colour not only boosts your mood, but it raises self-confidence. Available for women in sizes 8 – 22, the full Snake Print collection includes Running Jackets, Sports Bras, Leggings, Capris, Shorts and Gym Bags (backpacks and duffle bags) – all priced under £39.99.


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