May Beauty Must Haves: All the products you’ll need for summer

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AFTER Fenty products finally became available in Glasgow Boots stores, (yay!) we knew it was time for another beauty post.
With summer just around the corner, it was the perfect time to hunt down some of the industries must-have products for the season ahead.
From glistening new eye palettes from Bobbi Brown to roll-on skincare, there’s plenty of new items to choose from.
Here’s our lowdown on some of the best summer products that we’ve been testing out at Styletto Mag.


Bobbi Brown Infra Red Palette, £36.50




COMPLIMENT sun-kissed skin with a palette of warm, shimmering shadows to enhance your peepers.
With smouldering heat hues such as Red-Rock and Infra-Red, this palette contains an exuberance of colour.
Mix and match eight shades including creamy mattes and pigmented metallics for a dazzling eye look.
These shadows, which contain warm browns, coppers and golden tones, pack a punch and blend like a dream without irritating fall out.



 Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment, £75





FIGHT the effects of sleep deprivation by popping on this wonder serum as you kip.
The new Night Fix Enzyme Treatment from Murad lets you wake to skin that looks well rested, even if you don’t feel it.
Instead of the opposite way round, you apply this serum OVER your night cream last thing at night.
And the formula even works with the circadian rhythms to support skin repair while Aroma Technology prepares the senses for sleep and is proven to enhance sleep quality.
This visibly reduces dehydration and lines whilst plumping and perfecting tired complexions.
This stuff has got to win some kind of award.




BeGlow TIA all in one skin care device, £199




LAZY girls no longer need to fret about their night time beauty regime – as this exciting new device takes care of it all.
Described as a ‘HITT workout for your skin,’ Tia device is all-in-one sonic skin care system designed with a dual pulse to deep-cleanse and lift and tone the skin.
Gentle enough to use twice a day, simply apply your favourite cleansing product on the easy-to-clean brush and watch your makeup melt away.
Press control button one to start the cleansing process and the pulsation can even be adjusted to your need.
It also has a second button which is used to firm and tone the skin, improve blood circulation, reduce the visibility of pores and enhance the absorption of skin care products.
Lastly, push button number three for just a few seconds at a time to begin sculpting and lifting saggy skin.
This is a face lifting device, cleansing product and blemish blitzer all in one gadget.

Buy here 



Jane Scrivner Firm Believer Definitive Body Serum, £49



TACKLE saggy skin and cellulite in time for summer with this luxurious body serum.
The firming, toning and conditioning body oil glides like a dream whilst helping to plump and firm the skin.
Containing Apricot, Jojoba and Avocado Core Oils and collagen enhancing and rich in vitamins, these core oils work together to hydrate, soften and bring a true glow back to your skin.
As well as being able to tone skin and stimulate new cell growth, it can also be used to diminish the appearance of scars and age spots whilst minimising wrinkles.
Oh, and it smells like a dream too.



Babe Balm Highlighting Bronze, £12




LOVED by the likes of former Love Island star Zara McDermott, Babe Balm is a pocket-sized highlighting wonder.
Simply slick on your skin and gleam with a naturally bronzed and dewy finish that makes skin look miles more youthful.
Infused with sustainable and illuminating coppery-gold micas, it’s the ultimate hybrid of skincare and colour.
Using the warmth of your fingers, blend across cheekbones, eyelids, lips, collarbones or anywhere else that’s up for a bit of warming, glowy shimmer.
It works well on its own as a natural highlighter, but can be layered in your existing makeup routine and melts into skin with ease.




CBD Balm from Raised Spirit, £49.99




INSOMNIA sufferers should invest in this amazing CBD body balm to help them get an extra deep sleep.
CBD beauty products have recently been enjoying fast-growing popularity as their natural benefits include pain relief, skin repair and an ability to improve sleeping disorders.
This luxurious balm contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and when added to a daily beauty regime and leaves the skin silky soft.
It can be gently massaged into the body to soothe dry and sensitive skin and provide relief to sore and achy muscles.
Founders also recommend applying into the soles of the feet just before bed for a calming experience which will induce deep, relaxing, stress-relieving sleep.



Sun Believable Accelerate Me Tan Booster, £20



APPLY this ten days before your summer hols for the deep golden glow you’ve always dreamed of.
This helps to prepare skin prior to tanning and will also extend the length of time your colour lasts.
Formulated to help you achieve a deeper, natural colour it combines key active ingredients (Acetyl Tyrosine and Riboflavin) to help stimulate the skin’s natural melanin production for a deeper, long lasting tan, whilst maximising your natural tanning ability.
Combined with Aloe Vera it will moisturise and soothe the skin – the perfect pre and after-sun care for your skin.
Perfect for all skin types including fair skins that burn easily or suffer from prickly heat.
Apply twice a day for 10 days prior to tanning and when going into the sun, always remember to use a high factor sunscreen after applying Accelerate ME.



Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar, prices vary






Ethique’s mission is to rid the planet of plastic bottles.
Founded by British born entrepreneurial biochemist Brianne West, 31, Ethique is the only company in the world devoted solely to producing handmade solid beauty bars in place of liquid beauty products.
The impressive handmade product range encompasses concentrated face, hair and body products, which last up to five times longer than their traditional bottled counterparts. Even the sleeves they arrive in are 100% compostable and recyclable meaning zero consumer waste.
This pretty shampoo bar is perfect for packing with you abroad or in your gym bag for fresh hair every day.
And you won’t have to feel an inkling of guilt for using it.




Beauty Pie Shimmer Bar, £32 Members price £7.61



GLISTEN your way through summer with this amazing shimmer brick from beauty pie.
Rivalling Bobbi Brown’s cult product, a fine dusting of this provides a gorgeous, glistening radiance that enhances sun-kissed skin.
It comes in three different shades to suit a variety of skintypes and it can be used all over the body for radiant limbs and collarbones.





NIVEA Indulgent Body Soufflés, £7.99



THESE indulgent new body souffles will help to bring French Polynesian Monoï de Tahiti to your bathroom.
Harnessing the power of Coconut, Jojoba and renowned French Polynesian Monoi oil, the richly pampering whipped soufflés with visible oil pearls melt into your skin while unleashing a heavenly cloud of pure fresh scents.
This light as air formula feels truly luxurious and nourishing on the skin and leaves complexions looking gleamy and supple.
If you normally find applying body lotion a chore, you certainly won’t with this pampering product.




S5 Purity Serum, £18



TO avoid dreaded hormonal breakouts, incorporate this blemish-fighting serum into your daily beauty regime.
This intelligent organic skincare range is designed for modern living and helps to tackle congested pores and breakouts.
Lightweight but fast-acting, it also comes in a handy travel size so you’ll never have to go without your skincare must-haves.
My complexion is less oily after just a week of using and it looks clearer and brighter too.





Iceland Pure Cloud Cream, £48



COUNT this as the solution to your post-winter skin nightmares.
This light-as-air and intensely hydrating daily moisturiser provides moisture and healing relief for parched skin.
Perfect for on-flight hydration, it contains unique ingredients such as Arctic Cloudberry and Cranberry Seed Oils, which are super fruits of the Arctic and rich in essential fatty acids.
Available at M&S stores.


PAYOT Perform Sculpt Roll On Serum, £19.95




IN recent months we’ve all seen the huge demand for age-old skincare tools such as jade rollers and rose quartz roll ons, but do simple roll-ons deliver effective results?
The Perform Sculpt Roll on on is the latest in anti-ageing, designed to target the face, neck and décolleté with a roll-on device and infused with powerful anti ageing ingredients.
Simply roll this onto the skin to help contour, sculpt, and lift the facial features – by way of encouraging drainage and toning slackening muscles.
Enriched with combination of actives, antioxidants, and peptides to target and treat specific skin concerns, this helps boost the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin for a visible glow and a more youthful appearance.



What products are you dying to try this month? Leave suggestions below!



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