Review: Bongo’s Bingo in Glasgow is the rave your granny will gasp at

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A BINGO rave was something I’d never thought I’d be gushing about as I approach, with severe trepidation, the age of 30.
However after hearing nothing but great things about the Bongo’s Bingo event held at the SWG3 venue in Glasgow, I knew it was something I’d have to experience.




With my boyfriend and two other couples in tow, we headed to the popular clubbing warehouse hoping to experience the fun of old school bingo with a youthful twist.
Keen to keep up with the other revellers, soon enough we were inhaling cans of Red Stripe beer and glugging down green Venom cocktails before raving to club mixes of the Greatest Showman’s This Is Me.
The atmosphere was instantly electric, and it was clear to see why so many punters had become obsessed with the Bongo’s Bingo.
The games started off quickly but just as soon as a few numbers were called, rave songs relating to each of the callouts would be played and revellers would be dancing on top of the tables – without being huckled out by the bouncers.
Rave interludes swiftly interrupt the intense games which become more difficult to keep up with the more sozzled you become.


Credit: James Chapman



If someone calls out ‘Bingo!’ but they don’t have all the numbers, the entire room points at the guilty party before breaking into the viral Vine video of a man singing ‘Why you always lyin???’
For kids who grew up in the 90s, there’s also a touch of nostalgia as you’re invited to sing along to primary school hymns such as ‘Sing Hosana’ and other memorable noughties tracks.
Prizes issued are things such as lifesize Phillip Schofield cardboard cutouts, bottles of Apple Sourz and one top prize which was a Henry the Hoover.




At the barmy Bongo’s Bingo, it’s perfectly acceptable to be rowdy but everyone is in too good of a mood for any trouble to start brewing.
The event is just the tonic needed after a stressful week at work as you won’t be able to make it through the night without ending up in fits of laughter, astonishment or having burned off dozens of calories from dancing on top of the tables.
Bingo is definitely making a comeback and these events bring the type of carnage that you’ll laugh about with your mates for months.
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