Top travel accessories for women

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WHETHER it’s forgetting to charge your phone before take-off or spending the week in misery because of mossie bites, there’s always some sort of inconvenience that crops up while on holiday.
That’s why it’s important to consider life-saving gadget options to ensure your break goes as seamlessly as possible.
Here’s our picks of the top 10 must have gadgets and accessories to purchase for a stress-free getaway.


Kodak Printomatic Instant Print camera, £69.99



ADD a hint of nostalgia to your vacation by bringing an instant camera to capture all your candid holiday snaps.
This candy pink gadget is a great wallet-friendly way of making your memories last forever and you won’t have to worry about data.
Like the original cameras, the Kodak Printomatic produces tear, water and smudge-proof images which are perfect for scrapbooking.
Simply snap, shoot and print right away with the the 10 mega-pixel lense and you’ll have pics to pin up forever.



Theye Mosquito Repellent Micro Spray, £2.99



FIGHT back from blood-thirsty mosquitos with this micro-sized spray which fits conveniently in your pocket.
Theye, the award winning designers of travel essentials, offer a credit card sized repellent spray which can be used up to 300 times.
This beats carrying around heavy bottles any day.

Purchase here



The Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0, £130



CLOWNISH makeup as a result of poor hotel lighting can be a thing of the past thanks to this selfie-light, mirror and travel case rolled into in one.
The new Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 is a versatile innovation, designed to improve your makeup precision and simplify your beauty routine anywhere in the world.
Packed with smart features, the unique folding laptop design allows it to fit in your in-flight suitcase or travel bag giving you instant access to reliable lighting wherever you’re heading.
It also works as a mobile phone holder to take flawless selfies before heading on a night out.
Additionally, the multi-purpose mirror combining a full-size vanity, handheld and wall-mounted mirror in-one.

Buy now here


Lifeventure Travel Door Lock, £5.99





THIS is by no means a glam accessory but it will give you peace of mind while abroad.
Made from durable reinforced nylon this simple to install lock provides tamper proof security to nearly all internal doors.
Use this to prevent sneak-thieves and even hotel staff from entering you’re room while you’re asleep or simply not there.
Great for single women who want a bit of extra security.

Buy online here


GP Batteries Charge AnyWay, £25



YOU’RE just about to do online check in when, suddenly. your phone battery dies.
So how on earth are you going to board the plane without your digital flight pass?
This innovative battery charger doubles up as an instant PowerBank and is also compatible with AA and AAA batteries.
It comes with Lithium-free* ReCyko+ Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries that you can place it in carry-on and check-in luggage safely while travelling.
Handy for those who are likely to use a variety of apps.

Can be bought online here


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