Treatment of the week: Microdermabrasion by SkinBase leaves your skin peachy soft

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BLACKHEADS and a dull complexion has always been been my biggest bugbear when it comes to skin.
Although my complexion is relatively clear, years of wearing makeup means my pores are rarely squeaky clean.
I recently visited the Health and Beauty salon in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, for my first experience of microdermabrasion, which promises to reduce pigmentation, blackheads, acne scarring and clogged pores.



The SkinBase microdermabrasion treatment works by using a stream of non-allergenic crystals to remove your skin’s outermost layers of dead cells.
After thoroughly cleansing my face, my beauty therapist used a mild suction to draw away the crystal and skin debris to reveal a new and improved complexion.
It’s a chemical free, virtually painless and non-invasive procedure yet achieves amazing results for younger, healthier looking skin from the very first treatment.


Makeup free skin 24 hours after the treatment



The sensation feels like a mild itching of the skin yet it’s strangely comforting knowing it’s blasting off all the dead cells.
By using the suction and crystals to get rid of any unwanted blotching, scarring or fine lines, the skin’s appearance is further improved through increased collagen and elastin production as your body produces a fresh layer of skin.
It only takes around half an hour and is a must have if you’ve been left with any redness, scarring or pigmentation from hormonal or teenage acne.



Makeup goes on smoother after the treatment.


Although my therapist Ashley Woods assured me that my skin was already in pretty good nick, after my first treatment I could see a vibrant, peachy glow and the reduction of redness from pimple scarring on my chin.
Ashley said: “If the person has really fiery, flared skin then it’s not good for that but if they’re at the tail end of it then it’s great for them as it stops the pitting and scarring that they’re going to have.
“If you go quite rough on it the skin starts to repair itself and it makes such a difference.”




After the suction device is used, Ashley used a gentle cleanser to get rid of any leftover crystals before applying a gentle, SkinBabe moisturiser and SPF – a highly important step as your skin is more sensitive to sunlight,
In an instant, not only did my complexion, look brighter and clearer, it felt remarkably soft smooth.
For the first 24 hours you shouldn’t wear makeup after this treatment and I felt confident enough to go out in public without my slap on.
My boyfriend said he hadn’t even noticed I wasn’t wearing any makeup so that just shows how effective this treatment really was.
Following my second treatment, (six treatments are recommended if you have problematic skin) my complexion felt revived, polished and baby soft.
There was a radiance that I’ve only ever noticed after a few days in the sun and my clogged pores were no longer visible.



I’m advised that the microdermabrasion facial is suitable for any skin type and age except those who suffer from Rosacea.
This is a must try treatment if you want that beach babe glow and a refined complexion without having to endure painful micro-needling or irritating skin peels.


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