Is scalp care the key to tackling Covid-19 hair loss? 👩‍🦱

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Charmed actress Alyssa Milano recently opened up about her battle with hair loss as a result of coronavirus, with doctors across the world reporting an increase in similar cases.

In a video posted to Twitter last month, a concerned-looking Milano brushed through her hair to show it falling out, in clumps.

Her revelation comes after it emerged there has been an increase in reports of people shedding large amounts of hair as a result of stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.



Stylists at award-winning Glasgow salon Alchemy, which offers non-surgical hair systems to ladies and gents who feel self-conscious about their bald spots, reported an increase in clients concerned about losing their tresses as a result of the coronavirus.

Senior stylist and The Real Hair Co scalp system Specialist Steven Tweeddale said: “People are noticing their hair is falling out and they are freaking out, feeling self-conscious as a result.

“Stress is a huge factor when it comes to hair loss and obvious a global pandemic is an extremely stressful event, one that is evidently causing some people to lose their hair.



“We’ve had a few more recent enquiries about for our non-surgical hair transplants, which can be applied on men or women. It’s a nice natural way of dealing with the issue without having to go down the surgical route.”

The British Association of Dermatologists said they also had seen a significant rise in patients
experiencing “dramatic hair loss” months after battling the virus.

Alchemy’s salon director Eirinn Fleming said: “Hair loss is an extremely sensitive subject and it’s one that our stylists are trained to deal with in a compassionate and delicate manner.



“For many, hair is a fundamental aspect of their appearance, so we always ensure that our clients feel safe in our hands and offer them the best advice, flattering cuts and recommendations to help with the issue of hair loss.”

Dr Sue Ann Chan, resident dermatologist at luxury hair care brand Monpure London, explained why scalp care has never been more important when it comes to stress-related hair loss.

She said: “As we all face our invisible enemy, the coronavirus and stand together to fight away this pandemic, stress is no doubt creeping into our daily lives.

“You could be a nurse working at the front line in hospitals; a teenager at school missing those all-important A-Level exams; a chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant an elderly person trying to buy groceries; or a gym junkie missing weeks of working out! It affects all aspects of our daily lives.

“But stress – whether acute or chronic – doesn’t just affect our mental health; our skin is perhaps one of the main organs acutely affected by it.”

Where the scalp is concerned, stress can cause underlying skin conditions to become worse or even trigger a severe flare up.

These include inflammatory skin conditions such as atopic eczema, seborrhoeaic dermatitis, psoriasis, scalp lupus and also alopecia (including androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing alopecia to name a few).

The stress hormone called cortisol regulates the normal functioning of our hair follicles. When cortisol is present at high concentrations, it causes cells in the hair follicles to undergo apoptosis (i.e. die) prematurely by up to 40 per cent, resulting in hair loss.

For patients who are worried about hair loss, it is always advisable to obtain a firm diagnosis prior to exploring treatment options.

Here are some of the best products out there to help prevent hair loss.


Monpure Clarifying Scalp Scrub, £63


When was the last time you gave your scalp a good going-over? While you might exfoliate other areas with gusto, your scalp tends to be the one left on the sidelines. But it’s probably the area that needs it the most.
As with the skin on your face, your scalp has its fair share of dirt and debris. But with your hair covering it, it can easily build up causing irritation and inhibiting hair growth.
Imbued with the relaxing scent of sweet orange and rosemary, this cruelty-free scalp scrub sloughs away flaky dead skin and helps alleviate symptoms of dandruff and psoriasis, while rejuvenating the scalp-skin with healing shea butter and argan oil.
It also improves the environment for hair growth, so if you’ve been trying to grow those tresses for some time to no avail, this could be just the prep your scalp needs.


The Hair Boss Double Hair Mask, £19.99



Nicknamed the Olaplex of the highstreet, this innovative and exclusive two-phase mask is the ultimate SOS hero product to achieve strong, healthy hair at home.
Phase 1 is The Bond Restorer, which acts as a protein mask for the hair. It contains Hydrolysed Keratin and Shea Butter to help restore and smooth the cuticle of the hair, reducing signs of damage and preventing further damage.
Phase 2 is The Moisture Hit Mask, which acts as a barrier to seal in the protein from The Bond Restorer (Phase 1). Containing Hyaluronic Acid and Natural Oils, the mask helps to improve the hair’s moisture levels whilst also adding softness and shine.
The perfect DIY hair treatment for a longer, stronger mane.


Davines Energising Thickening Tonic, available at Alchemy



Want bigger, bouncier locks without trying too hard?
This non-greasy, leave in tonic helps to increase the diameter of the hair, fiber expanding it from the very first application.
Hair looks shiny and full bodied, without being weighed down. Regenerates and invigorates the scalp.


Pantene Hair Multiplier Treatment, £9.99





Designed specifically for fine, thinning hair, Pantene Pro-V Thickening Hair Treatment is a nutritious formula which works to giving you the look of 6,500 extra strands of hair!
The potent blend combines nourishing rosewater, biotin, vitamin B3 and panthenol, with micro
boosters, to helps thicken existing hair strands from root to tip.
Spray 15 pumps at the hair root after each wash for full-bodied tresses.


Mane UK Thickening and Root Concealer Spray, £10



This genius hair thickening spray does not cause growth, but is a great instant thickening solution to disguise thinning patches.
It uses micro miner technology to bond to the hair and emulate hair fibres for instantly thick locks, on both men and women.
Mane’s revolutionary Hair Thickening Spray & Root Concealer has become a cult favourite of celebrity stylists and models due to its natural looking finish and instant thickness boosting results. Mane was most recently spotted backstage at the AW20 Richard Quin show, where hair legend Sam McKnight used the product to create his romantic, texture driven looks for the catwalk.
This clever formula originally started as a hair transplant after-care product in Mane UK’s Harley Street hair clinic. However, it’s remarkable results quickly saw it become a much sought-after item for men and women worldwide who wanted fuller, thicker looking locks with zero tell-tale signs.
Watch the Youtube video above to see a man’s hair look almost ten times thicker – with no visible bald patches – after using.







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