The best new tanning products to see you through autumn 🌞

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The nights are getting darker earlier and (sadly) there’s far less sunshine in our lives right now.
With limited ability to travel, it seems like the easiest way for us to achieve a ‘glow-up’ is by following the fake tanning route.
The good news is, there are an influx of amazing new tanning products to provide an effortlessly sunkissed look without the risk of skin damage.
Here’s our roundup of some of the best new face and body tanning products to keep you looking glowing through lockdown.


Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Tinted Tanner, £36



Arbonne is one of my favourite skincare brands and this self-tanner adds touch of bronze instantly while developing an even, natural looking tan within two hours.
This quick drying formula makes your skin feel healthy and hydrated with its refreshing scent, making it perfect for the winter months when pallid complexions need an extra glow.


Utan Almond Mylk Tanning Water, £18



If you’re opposed to your boyfriend sniffing your face regularly then this tanning spritz may not be for you.
Infused with sweet almond oil, aloe vera and a 50% darker level of their signature organic DHA for a deeper glow, this tanning water is perfect for a winter tan and smells incredible too.
Not only does it provide a flawless tan but will also revive dull, dry skin, giving it the hydration it needs during the colder months. Fast drying, lightweight and transfer resistant, this white colourless formula is stain free and perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. Perfect as a primer or use as a setting spray – there is no need to rub in, just mist and glow.
I use this throughout the day at my wfh office desk to top up my tan and keep my skin smelling amazing.


Eco Bath and Shower Mitt, £4.50





Prep your skin before tanning using this bath and shower mitt to help slough away dead skin cells.
The mitt will help to create a healthy, fresh feeling in preparation for fake tanning.
Made with natural materials, this enables the mitt to stretch and adapt to your hands.


Nutri Tan System, £39



If you’re one of those people who tends to burn rather than tan when holidaying abroad, the Nutri-Tan system is for you.
This system contains four key products which, when combined, assist in optimal skin enhancement and defence first with golden bronze skin colour as the by product.
Combining skin protecting and melanin booster capsules, a tanning prep serum and a soothing tan retaining, this set will leave skin moist, luminous and soft.
This will help you tan better than ever before.


Amanda Harrington London Illuminating Face Mist, £28




Formulated to deliver a hybrid of cosmeceutical skincare and sunless tan; Amanda Harrington London’s award-winning Illuminating Bronzing Face Mist creates a semi-permanent bronzed and contoured glow.
Infused with anti-ageing Collagen and CQ10 to promote elasticity as well as firm, lift and strengthen skin, this helps to instantly revive dull and tired complexions.
The formulation is best applied by brush, to define and sculpt the face, for a speedy application and natural finish.
I apply one layer of this at night – spritzing the formula onto a brush – for an even, subtle honey-hued glow and a second application in the contours of my cheeks, forehead and jawline for a model-esque sculpted look.


Tropic Sun Drops Gradual Tanning Facial Serum, £22



This effortless tanning serum can be combined with your daily moisturiser for the ultimate daily glow.
Using intelligent ingredients which help mimic the colour of the skin’s melanin, this helps create a natural finish that develops over 10 hours.
It also contains lush ingredients which help hydrate and brighten uneven skin tones.




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