Mushroom coffee is the latest health trend helping to boost Vitamin D during winter

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Move over Bulletproof coffee, there’s a new coffee trend in town.
Mushroom coffee is being considered the latest health craze – and it tastes great too.
Vitamin D is often called ‘the sunshine vitamin’ because exposure to sunlight is one of the best ways to absorb this vital nutrient. However, during winter in the UK, it can be difficult to meet the required levels of vitamin D through sunshine alone.
According to the makers of Mushroom Superblend by health brand Naturya, all you need to do is stir one heaped teaspoon of the powder formula into your morning brew to get 100 per cent of your daily recommended vitamin D.
Naturya’s chief food scientist Dr Swamy Sannaveerappa explained: “Vitamin D is crucial in helping our bodies maintain calcium and phosphorous for strong bones and it plays a key role in balancing the immune system.



“Low vitamin D intake in the short term can lead to fatigue and illness caused by low immunity. That’s why it’s important to supplement our vitamin D intake over the coming months through what we eat.”
A recent Naturya survey showed that more than half of respondents don’t increase their vitamin D intake in the winter.
To help people get enough vitamin D and promote the importance of supplementing this vitamin in the darker months, Naturya is encouraging people to take the Naturya Mushroom Coffee Challenge.
Recent research from Boston University’s school of medicine has also suggested that taking a vitamin D supplement can help people to reduce their risk of becoming infected with COVID-19.


“Mushrooms are the only natural vegan source of vitamin D, which is why Naturya created its organic Mushroom SuperBlend; a nourishing combination of reishi, maitake and shiitake mushrooms,” Dr Sannaveerappa continued.
“This superfood blend is high in vitamin D and copper to support immunity, niacin (vitamin B3) for energy, and manganese to protect the body from oxidative stress.
The mushroom coffee trend has recently gained momentum in the UK for contributing to boosted energy levels and focus.
Naturya is encouraging people who take the Mushroom Coffee Challenge to post a review of their first taste on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and #mushroomcoffeechallenge for the chance to win a Naturya Winter Warmer Care Package valued at £100. Can you handle the flavour?!
For those who aren’t avid coffee drinkers, one heaped teaspoon of Naturya’s organic Mushroom SuperBlend can also be added to hot chocolate or mixed into your favourite hearty winter dinner such as spaghetti bolognese, mushroom risotto, soup, stir fry or pasta dish.
From 12th November to the 30th November, Naturya is offering customers 30 per cent off its Mushroom SuperBlend at, bringing the quality superfood blend from £16.00 down to £11.20 per 100g pack.
Naturya’s Mushroom SuperBlend is organic, gluten free, kosher and vegan, and all mushrooms have been sustainably grown and sourced.

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