The top trending brow looks for Autumn, by experts

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Whether it’s skinny brows, bushy brows, boy brows or laminated, there’s never been a better time to be rocking great eyebrows.

To celebrate, Jamie Long, Lead Brow Stylist at HD Brows has given us the lowdown with a list of go-to brow looks that are trending on TikTok this Autumn and the products to help you achieve these looks.


Soap Brows: 322.1 Million TikTok Views



The first brow technique appearing everywhere in time for autumn is soap brows. From influencers’ social media platforms to the red carpet, the already popular trend shows no signs of slowing down. It’s also a great look to get behind for the windier months as those brows won’t budge thanks to the soap.

Credit @makeupcure

Get the look: If you’re new to the trend, the beauty method includes brushing soap into the brows in an upward motion, using a spoolie brush. The soap acts as a pomade to secure the hairs in place to create a fuller, fluffier look.

HD Brows Product: To complete this look, try out HD Brows Fluffy Brow Bundle.


Bleached Brows: 136.8 Million TikTok Views



The fashion-forward trend of bleached brows is one for the more adventurous beauty fanatics to try this fall. However, those daring enough to work this look will be seriously on-trend, with everyone from the Kardashians to Lady Gaga trying out the style.

Get the look: If you want to test out the look without committing straight to bleaching, use a full coverage foundation or concealer and brush it through the brows using a spoolie brush or toothbrush, then gently apply more coverage using a makeup sponge. However, for a more permanent look, Jamie recommends heading to a professional to complete this look to ensure the perfect effect can be achieved.


Natural Brows: 52.0 Million TikTok Views




Natural beauty has made a comeback with more toned-down looks becoming more desirable by the day – great news for those of us long overdue a trip to the salon. So, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance brow style to have this autumn, this minimalist look is super easy to create.

Credit: @emrata

Get the look: To achieve this low-maintenance look, use a fine, sharpened eyebrow pencil and create thin, feathery strokes in the gaps of the brows to create the illusion of hair. Then using a spoolie, repeatedly brush the colour into the brows in an upward motion to blend the colour, until it looks natural.

HD Brows Product:The Brow goals Bundle on the HD Brows shop is perfect to create natural hair strokes and also add a subtle highlight to help draw attention to the brow.


Skinny Brows: 6.5 Million TikTok Views




The skinny 90’s-inspired brow is back this fall, but not the way you’ll remember it. The super thin brow has returned with a much softer, detailed appearance, which can be seen on various cast members in the popular Netflix show Euphoria.

Get the look: Wanting to try out the look for a day without cutting or trimming your brows? The best way to create the illusion of this extra-slim brow is by drawing a thin line on the inside of the brow. Then using a spoolie brush, brush gel along the brow combining the hairs together to create a thinner more defined look.

HD Brows Product: The Browtec from HD Brows will help you achieve this look, as it has a thin eyebrow pencil and spoolie in one pencil.


Rainbow Brows: 1.2 Million TikTok Views




The colourful brow trend isn’t for everyone, but if you’re brave enough to go bold with your colours, it can really brighten your face in the colder months. Celebrities like singer and songwriter Lizzo have also been seen opting for pink brows with model and actress Cara Delevingne choosing blue brows.

Credit: @lizzobeeating

Get the look: If you’ve got naturally light brows, this look can easily be achieved by using colourful mascara to fill in the brows with your desired colour. Alternatively, if you’ve got darker brows, you’ll probably need to use a coloured dye to achieve the look. Again, Jamie recommends heading to a professional when using dye.


What brow look are you planning on rocking this Autumn? Share below!

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