I tried the ‘expensive brunette’ hair trend at Rainbow Room Salon – here’s the results…

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I have and most likely always will be, brunette. Despite having experimented with a range of hair shades in the past, I always return to my natural hue. However, I often like to shake it up with a twist.
Now, for 2022, ‘expensive brunette’ has arrived as the latest spin on brown hair.
Whether it’s Megan Fox’s glossy raven hue or Gigi Hadid’s rich chocolate locks, the latest brunette hair trend is all about looking, well, expensive as hell.


With spring looming, hair experts at Rainbow Room Salon, based in Glasgow, have offered their predictions on some of the Insta-worthy trends set to reign supreme in 2022.
Joele Bolton, Stylist at the George Square salon, says: “This year is all about glossy browns and super shiny hair.
“I’ve had a lot of requests for auburns and coppers as well. Obviously, the Kardashians are a huge inspiration for a lot of the brunette hair trends.
“We use Schwarzkopf hair products to create the expensive brunette look.

“I usually start by adding in a few highlights and then tone it to a caramel brown colour, then we can also add some lowlights to create multidimensional colour as well.
“We use a product called Vibrance, which is really good for adding a glossy tone.
“Vibrance is semi-permanent, so it doesn’t give you roots when it grows it – it fades instead.”
The great thing about this trend is that, although the latest hair trend looks expensive, it’s super easy to maintain.

“A lot of younger people don’t want permanent colour because they like to change their colour a lot,” Joele continued.
“The great thing about this look is it’s low-maintenance and doesn’t require root top-ups every six weeks.
“People are also loving face-framing layers and beachy waves to go with their colour. Beachy waves and some shaping add to the multi-dimensional look and really emphasise it.”
I loved the results of my sleek new tresses, which really add some warmth and definition to compliment my skin tone and eyes.

As well as looking thicker and more luscious, my brown locks were transformed into a radiant-looking, coppery-brown that looks striking when the sun comes out.

Joele recommends using Rainbow Room International’s brand new 10-in-1 restorative all spray in treatment to keep tresses looking bouncy and smooth post-salon visit for that ultra-luxe look.
Made in Scotland, 10-in-1 is environmentally focused, as its no-rinse formula means you won’t have to use water to wash it out.
The results are a revitalised mane, and natural body and movement.
Dylan Brittain, Director of Rainbow Room International’s George Square Salon and
Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International, commented: “I love using this product not only on my clients, but also when I’m backstage at events working with the Rainbow Room International team.
Not only is it an incredible product to help provide hair with extra nourishment but it also helps with the manageability of the hair and prepping it for styling.
“One of the best things about the product is that it helps us to consume less water and helps us to be kinder to the environment – something that is so important and that were are all a lot more conscious of at the moment.”
So, if you want to nail the expensive brunette trend, be sure to ask your stylist for a multi-dimensional look, with a mixture of caramel and brown highlights and lowlights to add dimension and depth to your colour.

Will you be trying this out for 2022? Share your thoughts below.

For more information, visit: http://www.rainbowroominternational.com/salons/george-square

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