The ultimate A/W beauty edit – must haves for 2023

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As the leaves turn golden and the air takes on a crisp edge, it’s time to embrace the transformative magic of autumn and winter.
With the changing seasons comes an opportunity to revamp our beauty routines, infusing them with the latest innovations and timeless classics.
Whether it’s a jaw sculpting serum or luxe new self tanner, our edit has all the must-have makeup treasures, skincare essentials, and a host of other beauty delights that promise to elevate your cold-weather look to new heights.
Here are all the must have products to have on your beauty radar this October.

Emolyne Eyeshadow Creme, £24

With frosty, silver eyeshadow making a comeback following the Chanel runway shows this year, this gilded fusion of primer and cream shadow combines the best of both worlds.
The shades by beauty brand Emolyne are not only rich in colour but also infused with a stunning pearlescent sparkle. The multidimensional finish creates a captivating play of light, providing a megawatt shot of radiance that’s sure to turn heads.
Perfect for creating ethereal, icy looks that resonate with the frosty charm of winter.

Prai Beauty Ageless Jawline Uplift Serum, £30

Be sure to snap up this sell-out serum from M&S’ Prai Beauty range, a ground breaking formula to help sculpt your jawline.
A powerhouse when it comes to defining and firming the jawline, this unique serum gives a noticeable lift and sculpted appearance. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. A must-have for anyone seeking a more contoured and youthful profile. Say hello to your new jawline secret weapon.

19/99 Watercolour Tint, £19

If you’re looking for a nourishing, multi-tasking lip and cheek formula, then this watercolour tint from 19/99 is the perfect product.
This versatile blush doesn’t just add a flattering wash of colour to cheeks; it also doubles as a stunning, slightly dewy lip tint.
Its water-based formula feels like a dream, providing a weightless, balm-like sensation for all-day comfort.
Great for those who like a balmy formula that won’t weigh down the skin and provides an effortless glow.

 Evolve Beauty Beauty Balm, £24

This dreamy, multipurpose ceramide balm is a testament to the power of natural ingredients and mindful formulation.
Crafted with care, it features an exquisite blend of organically grown herbs such as calendula and chamomile, macerated in organic macadamia oil. There’s also wrinkle-busting frankincense and antioxidant packed Blue Tansy for a flawless complexion.
Able to be used in a multitude of ways – to tame flyaways, highlighting your cheeks, or for soft cuticles – this balm is your go-to.

Tom Ford Unisex Costa Azzurra, £98.99

Quiet luxury has been gaining pace on the fashion scene throughout 2023 with the hashtag #quietluxury now amassing over 42 billion views on TikTok.
Essentially the opposite of flamboyant displays of wealth, this is about the art of subtlety and choosing timeless quality products.
That means for A/W 2023, it’s worth investing in a timeless, luxurious fragrance that exudes sophistication. With hints of delicate florals like rose and jasmine, complemented by subtle undertones of woods, musks, and delicate spices, this stunning scent from Tom Ford weaves a tapestry of refined luxury.

Make It Last Original Setting Spray, £14.50

With party season fast approaching, it’s time to take the necessary steps to set your slay face so it stays put long term.
Milani’s Make It Last Setting Spray is a long-wearing (up to 16 hours!) setting spray that locks in your makeup and gives you a natural glow, making touch-ups a thing of the past.
Available in three finishes, this can be used as a primer before applying makeup then a spray thereafter to lock in makeup in for the long-haul.

Kelsey Mother of Masks, £55

This maximum impact mask combines a potent blend of skin nourishing ingredients to help fortify, lift and restore luminosity to the skin.
Crafted with precision and care, this indulgent mask combines Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C for a potent dose of hydration and brightening benefits.
Texture-wise, The Mother of Masks strikes a balance between creamy and light, making it easy to apply and ensuring a comfortable wear.
Skin looks plumper, smoother, and more radiant after the first use. Perfect for post party nights when your skin needs some TLC.

Living Proof Triple Bond Complex, £42

This weekly leave-in treatment and hair mask promises 8x stronger* hair and more resistance to future damage while adding softness, smoothness and shine.
The triple bond technology forms a protective shield around each strand, fortifying tressed from the inside out.
As a result, they restore the structural integrity of the hair, reduce breakage, improving elasticity and enhance overall hair health.
For those who demand more from their hair care routine, this leave-in treatment and mask is nothing short of a revelation.

The Organic Pharmacy Hyaluronic Acid Mask, £39

In the battle against winter’s harsh elements, this Hyaluronic Acid Gel Mask emerges as a true hero.
Specially formulated to combat dry and dehydrated complexions, this vegan-friendly marvel delivers a multi-level moisture infusion that goes beyond the surface.
The star ingredient, triple-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, takes centre stage in this lightweight gel mask
The results? Nothing short of miraculous – fine lines are visibly plumped, revealing a complexion that’s not only smoother but remarkably bouncier.

Celf Facial Vibration Tool, from £39.99

This ground breaking beauty device is set to redefine your nightly skincare ritual.
Celf has created an innovative tool, designed to seamlessly integrate with the Oral-B iO electric toothbrush, through using micro-vibrations for clinically proven collagen regeneration.
At just £39.99 for a 3-month supply, Celf offers transformative results at a fraction of the price of professional treatments.
Clinical trials have demonstrated remarkable outcomes, including a 47 per cent reduction in crow’s feet, 16 per cent reduction in lines, and an impressive 50 per cent increase in skin firmness and elasticity, all in as little as four weeks.
After brushing your teeth, simply switch to Celf and apply the specially formulated glide serum to clean, damp skin. The patented dermal head, equipped with non-invasive spurs, harnesses the Oral-B iO’s micro-vibrations to stimulate collagen production, gently exfoliate, and enhance circulation.

Grow Gorgeous Repair Strengthening Mask, £25

Winter brings a host of challenges for our hair, from brittle strands to a parched scalp. Enter the ultimate solution: the Strengthening Hydration Mask. This powerhouse treatment goes beyond the surface, working from within to revitalise and fortify your hair and scalp, making it a seasonal essential.
At its core, this mask boasts Niacinamide, a powerhouse ingredient that supports the scalp’s natural protective barrier.
The dynamic combination of ingredients not only help to nourish the scalp but also condition the hair, leaving it softer, silkier, and infinitely more manageable.

Primeadine Spermadine Supplement, £75

Endorsed by world-leading longevity experts, this wholly plant-derived spermidine supplement offers a potent elixir for those seeking to optimise their wellbeing.
At the heart of Primeadine lies 1mg of supplemental spermidine, a potent organic compound that is known for inducing autophagy, our body’s natural cellular renewal process which declines dramatically as we age.
Raved about by youthful looking celebs such as Carol Vorderman as the ultimate anti-ageing secret, this supplement is renowned for benefits including better skin, stronger hair and nails, plus energy boosting.
A must have for helping to feel better from the inside out.

Kat Burki Form Control Lift and Fill Collagen Gel, £90

The star ingredient in this indulgent skincare serum is Reishi, which unlike many culinary mushrooms, cannot be easily cultivated, or grown.
Formulated with a blend of 14 elasticity-supporting ingredients, including Marine Collagen and Reishi Mushroom, this hero product gives complexions an immediate lift, enhanced plumpness, and defined contours.
A notable highlight is also the inclusion of Marine Collagen, known for its skin-rejuvenating properties.
Skin feels firmer and more hydrated after just a few uses. Although pricey, the results make the cost worthwhile.

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