Profhilo & Jalupro – the powerhouse duo you need in your 30s

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In the world of skincare, finding a treatment that truly delivers on its promises is akin to discovering a hidden gem. Recently, I had the benefit of experiencing the combined effects of Jalupro and Profhilo, expertly administered by Natalie O’Brien, an aesthetics expert based in Glasgow. The results were nothing short of extraordinary.

Adored by celebs such as Vogue Williams and Trinny Woodall, Profhilo is known well within the industry for its skincare benefits while Jaulpro seems to be a lesser-known treatment, despite its collagen-boosting effects.

Having noticed some subtle fine lines around my mouth and dull lacklustre skin due to stress, I was recommended an alternative to Botox and filler – skin boosters. While both Jalupro and Profhilo offer impressive skin rejuvenation benefits, they each have distinct features that make them stand out on their own. These differences are worth noting.

So what are Julupro and Profhilo?

Jalupro stands out with its potent formula, surpassing Profhilo in concentration and delivering an even more intense hydration experience. It contains a combination of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and amino acids.

On the other hand, Profhilo shines due to its high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid. This powerhouse ingredient retains skin moisture and deeply hydrates the underlying skin tissues.

Jalupro can be specifically used for targeting areas such as the under-eye, or laughter lines, while Profhilo is often used to address the face and neck. Combined together, the synergy of these two treatments can be remarkable. 

Natalie explains: “Profhilo is a bio remodelling treatment which will help with skin laxity it provides deep hydration and nutrients.

Aesthetics expert, Natalie O’Brien

“Jalupro initiates collagen production, while Profhilo provides deep hydration and nutrients. Together, they yield a complexion that exudes vitality and youth, which is perfect for those who want to turn back the clock and create a youthful, glowing complexion without filling the face.”

The first phase of the treatment introduced Jalupro, a unique blend of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Administered with precision around what was starting to form as marionette lines, the collagen-stimulating properties of Jalupro set the foundation for the subsequent steps, instilling a promise of rejuvenation.

I had this treatment a few weeks prior to the second round of Jalupro, which was then combined with an all-over Profhilo treatment to help saturate my skin with much-needed hydration. Within days, the result was a plump, smoothed complexion that felt revitalised. And it definitely must have worked as I was even asked for ID when purchasing a bottle of Merlot at the supermarket!

Around four days post treatment my skin felt supple and cushioned, as if it had regained a youthful bounce. Fine lines appeared softened, and the overall texture of my skin seemed refined. It was a glow that emanated from within, a testament to the efficacy of this combination

Beyond the physical transformation, this experience instilled a newfound confidence. Looking in the mirror, I saw more than just a refreshed face; I saw a reflection of the potential of modern skincare. The combination of Jalupro and Profhilo, when applied by an expert in the industry, not only reversed signs of aging but also provided a renewed sense of self-assuredness.

Natalie’s care extended beyond the treatment room. She provided detailed post-treatment instructions and scheduled a follow-up to monitor progress. To achieve optimal results with Jalupro it is recommended to have between 2-3 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart. Results can last up to 6 months and it’s recommended to book in for treatments thereafter.

Natalie continued: “Jalupro and Profhilo form a dynamic, powerful duo in the realm of skin rejuvenation. Their distinct qualities complement each other, providing a comprehensive approach to achieving a flawless complexion. 

“This is an amazing powerhouse duo for those who want better skin without downtime, or a radiant glow without makeup.”

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Always consult a qualified healthcare professional or aesthetics expert before undergoing any skincare treatments.

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