Clutha Tragedy

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Editor Lisa Boyle’s view on the Glasgow Clutha tragedy

IT has been a surreal and unbearable few weeks for people living in Glasgow.

But the Clutha tragedy that has rocked our entire country has also revealed the remarkable bravery and unwavering spirit shown by each and every one of our citizens.

A police helicopter which ploughs into a busy pub, where innocent people are enjoying a fun-filled night out, resembles something out of a horror film.

Nine people have been killed, 32 injured, resulting in more than 1,000 people turning out to sign the book of condolences last week.

Ordinary folk rushing towards the pub when they saw what had happened, not away from it. People forming a human chain to get revellers out safely.

And even since then, the community is still doing all it can to help ease the agony of the families’ victims.

A city shattered by such an unprecedented incident, however it has drawn masses of Glaswegians together to mourn the lives lost and the families broken by this tragedy.

It proves exactly why, still to this day, Glasgow is known as ‘The Friendly City.’

And as much as people continue to mock and criticise our town, there is no denying the fact it is a place you can always rely on for help.

As someone who has friends who regularly drink in the Clutha pub, I have felt nothing but shock and disbelief that something as harrowing as this could even occur.

When the news filtered through while I was also enjoying on a night out with colleagues, just a few miles from where it was happening, it took me a long time to comprehend that it was even real.

The next morning, after some reflection and when it finally began to sink in, I began to feel admiration and a deep respect at the selfless acts carried out by the emergency services workers and ordinary residents who were there.

It is times like these which make me feel immensely proud to be Glaswegian.

There are no words to describe the bravery of those selfless men and women who have worked tirelessly to help the survivors and the families of the people feared to be trapped in there.

Even throughout this sorrowful time, I think it is important that we take a step back and thank those who have and are helping to rebuild our city. They are the ones who must be applauded for their true heroism.

Nothing seems left now but for the city to try and recover from this incident, one that will no doubt take a long while to even feel less shocked over.

Right now I can only offer condolences and pray for the families who have been left heartbroken over the Clutha tragedy.

I hope they can at least be comforted by the deep-rooted sense of community and solidarity which is evident within our country.

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