Holiday beauty countdown – prep your way to a summer body!

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HOLIDAYS are stressful enough without having to worry about forgotten bikini lines or pasty skin.
It’s the same every year. You’ve got it all worked out up until bikini season hits — with a vengeance.
However, it’s amazing what the right beauty treatments can do before it’s time to set off.
So for this week’s column, I’ve picked out some last minute, pre-beach beauty products to boost your confidence.


NEW St Tropez One Hour Express Bronzing Mousse, £33

Express Bronzing Mousse, £33, St Tropez

Express Bronzing Mousse, £33, St Tropez


ALTHOUGH it seems a bit pointless, tanning up before hitting the sun-lounge is a great way to boost your self-esteem.
No-one wants to feel pasty, and a hint of self-tan also provides an instant slimming optical illusion.
There is a new batch of turbo tanners on the beauty market offering us a golden glow quicker than the time it takes to watch Hollyoaks.
One particular favourite of mine is this latest addition to St Tropez, which gets you bikini body ready within the hour.
The popular tanning brand has just launched its first ever express bronzing mousse, which develops within just one hour or three hours depending how dark a colour you want.
For the times when you need a speedy tanning solution, St Tropez’s Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse absorbs speedily into your skin and starts to develop instantly on application.
Not only this, but if you want your colour to go even deeper, leave it on for three hours and you’ll be beach ready in no time.
I left mine on for two hours and was left with a deep, but natural, streak-free tan.

Malory Band, £21

Malory Band

STILL got a few inches left to lose before your holiday? Well there’s a new weight loss method which won’t cost you thousands of pounds.
For those who hate dieting and struggle to say no to larger portions, try out the traditional Egyption slimming method of tying a cord around your waist.
Worn around the middle, the Malory Band provides a gentle reminder of when you’ve had enough to eat. It leaves you with a constant awareness and motivation to eat less and more healthily.
Waist measurement is seen as a reliable indicator of general health and the Malory Band is designed to be a continuous reminder of how wide our waistline is.
So if you’ve got two weeks to go and are struggling to say no to temptation, this might be the easiest option. It can also help you lose up to half a stone in two weeks.
Available at

Rasul Mud Chamber Experience, at the Mar Hall Hotel in Bishopton, £40

Mud chamber


STIMULATING circulation is the fastest way to de-puff before a holiday.
And while most of us put in the extra effort to take prep our faces before a week away, we often tend to neglect our bodies.
Last week I tried out the Rasul Mud Chamber Experience at Bishopton’s celebrity-loved hotel, the Mar Hall.
With less then a week to go before my holiday, I decided to drain some of my toxins by taking part in this therapeutic spa experience.
This mud treatment works by cleansing, exfoliating and conditioning your skin, while heat and steam are used to open the pores and maximise the therapeutic benefits of the salt scrub Dead Sea mineral mud.
Inspired by ancient Egyptian bathing, this experience helps to detoxify your skin, while the sea mineral encourages the body to burn extra fat.
This is a great pre-holiday beauty regime to help leave you with less bloating, softer skin, and visibly reduced cellulite.
Gives the skin a deep cleanse and scrub, which are also essential for streak-free tan applications.
However if getting covered in mud isn’t your cup of tea, try their Aroma Detox Envelopment, which uses essential oils and marine algae, rich in minerals, break down fatty deposits, drain toxins and eliminate excess water retention.

Novex Brazilian Keratin by Embelleze, £24.99


HEAT, sunlight and long-haul flights not dehydrate the skin, but also our hair.
To destress your tresses and keep them in tip-top shape, be sure to use an intensive treatment, at least twice weekly.
Novex Brazilian Keratin Treatment Mask by Embelleze is the the number one best–selling hair mask’s used by over 60 million women in Brazil — and is now available in the UK.
This ultra-deep hydrating mask works for all hair types but is particularly suited to dry, damaged and treated/processed hair.
The professional formulation reconstructs the hair fibre from within and uses keratin to strengthen the structure of the hair giving it an intensive shine and softness whilst increasing its natural movement.
Novex treatment creams have been specially created for professional hairdressers but can be used by anyone.
Use this twice weekly or daily on your break to notice stronger, shinier and softer hair.

DECLÉOR Classic Aromatic Facial, £75, Mar Hall Hotel

Decleor facial


THE most essential part of holiday-prepped skin has got to be a facial.
It’s the perfect way to top up your natural skincare regime, which often tends to slip while you’re away.
For well-rested and radiant skin, opt for a specialised aromatherapy facial to suit your skin type.
And because DECLÉOR has dedicated 38 years to researching the science of Aromatherapy, they also offer a beauty-prep which is tailor-made.
A favourite of mine is the DECLÉOR Classic Aromatic Facial, at the Mar Hall Hotel, which lasts 55 minutes and caters for every need.
Although a bit pricey, the therapist selects products to rebalance your skin’s concerns, meaning that the results will last for weeks.
The treatment uses a linseed, wheat germ and sunflower masque to leave your skin revived and de-puffed before the holiday.

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