Five types of guys to avoid dating

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The Mummy’s Boy




I ONCE dated a guy who had a creepy obsession with his own mum.
In fact, as soon as we broke up he relentlessly pursued an older woman who looked so much like her that she could have passed for his mum’s twin!
Not only that, I recall one bizarre moment that he began screaming at the top of his lungs while we were having an important discussion in the car. He went berserk and yelled that he had to leave immediately so he could be precisely at his mother’s house for ‘soup’ at 12pm.
As shocked as I was at the time, it gave me the hilarious realisation that I didn’t want to come between the creep and his incestuous and darn weird connection with her.
If a guy is so obsessed with his own mum that it impacts your relationship – run, run for the hills!
He’ll expect you to be exactly like her and he’s bound to have selfish tendencies.
While it’s important to have a close bond with your parents, if his mother and son bond gives you shivers then it’s time to leave.


The ‘Angry Emilio’ guy




IF you’ve ever watched the film Anger Management, watch out for the guy who turns into raging Emilio at the flip of a switch.
If he’s angered by the slightest thing, whether it be questioning him over something you feel uncomfortable with or the fact the waitress is taking too long to serve you, avoid this guy at all costs.
Another thing to watch out for is if he punches objects or smashes up plates when he’s infuriated.
As scary as it sounds, it could be you who is the object of his temper next time.


The No Apologies guy




WITH Mr sorry, not sorry, nothing is ever his fault. The no apologies guy never takes responsibility for how he’s contributed to an argument or event and, according to him, it’s always the other person’s fault.
Watch out for him calling all his ex girlfriends ‘psychos’ and see if he blames every single one of them for the breakup.
Mr never at fault will twist your mind into believing you’re to blame for everything and this sort of shaming can have seriously damaging effects on your self esteem and pride.


Mr ‘I have lots of female friends’




WE all have friends of the opposite sex, but if he seems to be the centre of a group of girls who he claims to be ‘just friends’ with, watch out. He’s not telling the entire truth.
Mr surrounded by girls is usually a player type and is probably involved or has been with many of them.


Mr ‘I used to cheat’




It’s true what they say – a leopard never changes its spots. And if they do it rarely lasts for long.
So if you’ve met a guy who cheated on his ex partner with you, or has a history of infedelity, be very careful. He’s unlikely to change.

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