‘In love with a psycho’ – How the evil sociopath smears his victims

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SOCIOPATHS use the smear campaign to destroy your life.
These soulless creatures will spout lies about you and use your weaknesses against you in a bid to leave you lifeless and drained.
If you refuse to give them what they want – whether it be your time, love, money or any other freebies you handed to them before – they will do everything in their power to try and take what you have away from you.
Sociopaths feed off your pain and couldn’t care less if they drive you to suicide.
Heartless and derived of empathy, the sociopath won’t stop until you are dead.
Even though they pretend they want you to be happy, their actions show the opposite.
And if you refuse to give them the time of day or expose who they really are, they will start a campaign of abuse against you to try and leave you without a job, friends or money.

With a smear campaign, the sociopath strategically starts recalling all the things you have ever shared with them regarding your own personal experiences (ie: triumphs/failures/ fears), and they will use these to viciously attack you.
They then take this information and set out to destroy you emotionally and mentally and sometimes financially.
The sociopath tries to turn you into dysfunctional person and will repeatedly use psychological abuse to make you react to their actions – and then use this in their smear campaign against you.
Normally highly charming and superficial, they are cunning and convincing in their attacks against you.
Some tricks they use can include pushing you to the point of a breakdown and then using your reactions against you.
They may then contact your friends and tell them you are ‘mentally unstable,’ ‘erratic’ or some other twisted lie.
These are all tactics used to try and induce horror and never-ending pain from you.

Another ploy that the sociopath will use is to stalk you through the court systems or via authorities.
If they cannot access information from you through friends or social media, they will file false reports against you in a bid to humiliate and degrade you, all the while still being able to lap up much-needed painful ‘supply’ from you.
Instead of moving on, they will attempt to keep you in their life for as long as possible by constantly creating obstacles for you to overcome.
Sociopaths will pretend to everyone around them that you are crazy and they hate you, but secretly they stalk you and keep an eye on you at all times through social media.

Sociopaths may appear to be highly intelligent, super friendly, or they may even pose as a model citizen.
But beneath their false exterior lurks dark secrets – most of the time they are participating in illegal activities.
The worst thing you can possibly do is force answers from these monsters. They play on your need for answers and will continue to give you the run around to keep you in a loop of mania.
They do this on purpose to keep you hurting and still in pain. They don’t want you to be happy and they most certainly don’t want you to move on.
Most of the time, the sociopath or narcissist will have a harem of ‘flying monkeys’ who they use to plot and scheme against you.
They don’t care about these people but they will use them to abuse you or help with their smear campaign against you.

The scapegoat is essential for the sociopath to manipulate other people.
They need constant attention and sympathy and this is to deflect the truth and accountability of their actions.
A sociopath will always have a scapegoat to deflect the truth of the matter of what they are upto.
They may use their victims as scapegoats for not doing their job correctly, for lying, or something else which exposes them.
Callous and cruel, they won’t have to think twice about throwing you under a bus so they can bide time to think of a reasonable excuse as to why they failed at something.
Typically the scapegoat is the bearer of truth and the one that knows the REAL them.
And so follows the malicious smear campaign against the victim to try and discredit these individuals.
This is so they appear victimised and as though THEY are the ones who have been harmed.
But the truth is they are the perpetrators and they must blame someone else because they will NEVER admit any wrongdoing.

Have you ever been in love with a sociopath? Share your stories below.

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