Signs of the histrionic female psychopath

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Are you worried you have a histrionic woman in your life? Read on to discover histrionic personality disorder examples. 
The histrionic female psychopath has an insatiable and destructive need for attention. And they will stop at nothing to achieve this.
These types of women can often be spotted wearing overtly seductive and productive clothing, regardless of their age. These are often the ones haranguing the people around them to take photographs of them.
Individuals with this disorder always want to be the center of attention and they feel uncomfortable if they’re not.
Should you attract more attention from men or women than they do, these histrionic psychopaths will be seething with jealousy and immediately start a plan of attack.



At first glance, it can be difficult to differentiate between a narcissistic female and histrionic behaviours. Both narcissists and those with HPD can be interpersonally exploitative (narcissists need supply; histrionic crave validation and constant reassurance), manipulating scenarios to draw the focus back to themselves and their agendas.
Both can be self-absorbed (narcissists are obsessed with maintaining their superiority and status, histrionics more with their appearance and sexuality).
Both can appear charismatic and vivacious, naturally persuasive and charming to others.
But it won’t take long for you to notice their emotions changing rapidly – they are often described as ‘dramatic.’
They will find it hard to keep female friends because they sexualise every interaction and will often flirt with others’ significant boyfriends.
However, as harmless as this sounds, some histrionic psychopaths can be very dangerous.
Consequently, they do not take rejection easily and will get so jealous of other better looking or more successful women.
And if they target you with this jealousy, watch them turn into demonic characters who will abuse, belittle and try to start a smear campaign against you.
So what are the top ten signs of a histrionic? Find out below.


Dramatic and impressionistic in speech 


When she speaks it’s with flailing hands, dramatic outbursts and rapidly shifting emotions.
She appears dramatic and extreme, wearing low cut dresses and showing lots of skin whilst flirting with every man or woman in the room.
While you might take one or two selfies or outfit pictures and then get on with enjoying your evening, the histrionic will beg everyone in the room to take hundreds of pictures of her and she will spend the entire night sharing them on social media.
If you have a crisis, the histrionic will start an argument or fight in order to have the attention shifted onto her.
She might shower people with compliments or tell bizarre or false stories to get people to listen to her. Moreover, if it’s not about her there will be consequences.


Consistently uses her appearance to attract attention


The histrionic female might constantly change her appearance or wear flashy or revealing clothes to try and get the attention of others.
She wants people to look at her when she walks into a room and gets insecure if someone else in the room is more attractive.
Ageing histrionics will often be described as ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ as they might wear clothing that might be suited to someone of a significantly younger age.
Those around the histrionic might actually feel embarrassed by her extremely provocative nature and dress sense.
Above all, the histrionic is not shy when it comes to showing skin and will often wear clothing that might be deemed inappropriate or overtly sexual in public.


Interpretation of relationships as more intimate than they are

You’ve met this woman once, twice, or perhaps only a handful of times and she’s already blowing up your phone with demands for attention.
The histrionic woman has already declared you as her best friend or boyfriend despite you barely knowing her.
You might have had a one night stand with this woman and now she won’t leave you alone.
Nonetheless, she doesn’t take rejection lightly and if you ignore her, she will bombard you for days, weeks or months on end.
You might think a casual date with this woman is just that, a casual date.
But the histrionic believes already that you are her soulmate, future husband or best friend.


Anger and vindictiveness to those she feels threatened by


As the ageing narcissist’s youth and beauty fades, they become ever more envious and jealous of the younger women around them.
So, they try to control these people by trying to manipulate them or even verbally and physically abuse them.
Once the histrionic psychopath feels threatened by you, she will stop at nothing to destroy you.
Fixated and threatened by your beauty, success or happiness, the histrionic psychopath becomes vindictive, abusive and dangerous.
It’s estimated that there are 1 in 100 female psychopaths and this number is increasing.
The female psychopath has an insatiable need for power and may have traits of narcissism.
Worryingly, these types of individuals have no conscious and is she’s an ageing histrionic narcissist, she’s even more dangerous.
Sometimes ageing histrionics will threaten you, attempt to smear you or just simply stalk you through obsession.
If she believes that you have something that she wants, she may even try to kill you or harass you to the point of suicide.


Easily influenced by those around them


The histrionic psychopath will spend all of her money on trying to maintain her appearance.
So, if you try to sell her a miracle youth cream or outfit that she believes will bring her attention, she won’t care about the price.
In addition, many histrionic females will spend thousands of pounds on ‘quick fix’ beauty treatments as she’s so easily influenced by the recommendations or opinions of others.
HPD owes its historical origins to the early descriptions of ‘hysteria,’ although it gradually evolved into a more circumscribed diagnosis characterized by theatrical displays and interpersonal dysfunction.


Reckless and insensitive


The deadly histrionic has no care or awareness of the consequences of their actions.
They might spend or drive recklessly, sleep around with others or engage in acts of violence whilst believing she can get away with it.
The vindictive histrionic will do anything to destroy and manipulate those she feels threatened by. She might threaten frivolous court cases or file police reports on situations that she deems to be an issue. That often can include made up scenarios in her own heads or incidents that never even happened.
When it comes to sensitivity or empathy, they have none. They might giggle while you divulge a trauma and will always use it against you later on when they turn – which they always do.
Histrionic psychopaths will try and coerce suicide from victims and then lap up the attention that comes from your tragic death.
They get a thrill out of causing pain and distress in their victims.

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