REVIEW: Braun Silk Epilator 9 SensoSmart and Face Spa Pro

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WHEN it comes to hair removal, the struggle for us raven-haired ladies out there is real.
But lately I’ve been given the gift of smooth skin after trying out the Braun Silk Epil Sensosmart and their Face Spa Pro face epilator.

Having tried a series of epilators over the years and being put off with the excruciating pain, I’m amazed at how gentle  this gadget is.
The Silk Epil 9 for body contains the hair-removing epilator for all over your body, two detachable body exfoliating brushes to prevent ingrown hairs, a shaver and trimmer cap, bikini shaver and a handy pouch to keep it all in for travelling.


I love how the built-in light technology lets you see every single hair up close before the epilator gently but thoroughly plucks the hairs from your skin.
Both the face and body epilators are completely waterproof and can be used on wet or dry skin.
Although I tried the Silk Epil 9 on my legs in the bath, I prefer using it all over while watching the TV for long-lasting results.

Face Spa Pro, £169.99 from Boots.

The intelligent gadget works by plucking out multiple stray hairs at once – saving time and preventing them growing back quicker.
I was amazed at how painless this actually is on the legs although sensitive areas like the armpits still made me wince.

Meanwhile, the 3-in-1 Face Spa Pro comes with a mini epilator for the face, a skin cleansing and toning brush for removing makeup and a battery operated face massager to penetrate products like moisturisers and serums into the skin.
Be careful with first use of the facial epilator as if you’re skin isn’t used to it you may find some small breakouts occur around the chin and mouth.
I experienced this after the first use but after the second use my face had adapted to the hair remover.


Gently remove facial hair by the root with the epilator attachment for fuzz-free smooth skin. It quickly eradicates even the most toughest hairs without leaving any hint of a rash or sensitivity.
The sensitive facial cleansing brush then gently removes impurities from sensitive skin when massaged in with a gentle foaming face wash.
Follow with the MicroVibration metal attachment head works which with your serum or cream for skin-toning effects.


Makeup-free skin after using the face massager to apply moisturiser and serum.


My skin looks smoother, younger and far more radiant without makeup after the first use.
The premium edition also comes with an elegant storage case to hold all of the different device heads and brushes.
After seeing the amazing results of these gadgets I’ll definitely be replacing my usual razors for this epilator.


Results from using Face Spa Pro.


I was pleasantly surprised at just how painless the tool was and would definitely recommend this for first time users.
The growth of my hair time has reduced by at least 40 per cent which means I can go without epilating for three or four days now compared to every day!
This is the perfect product for ladies who feel conscious about their fuzzy legs but want longer-lasting results and touchably soft skin.

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